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Hosiery at Walgreens

Dresses, tops, skirts and pants are just the start of stylish outfits. The right hosiery can enhance your ensemble and provide coverage to help you stay comfortable during the day. Whether you're shopping for hosiery for work or play, Walgreens can help you find the perfect thing to complete your look, keep you comfy and ensure that you make the best possible impression. We stock a large selection of hosiery in a wide range of types, colors and sizes. You can browse our product assortment online and have new hosiery shipped to your door or find out where you can purchase your favorite products in stores.

Full-Coverage Hosiery

Hosiery that offers full coverage travels from your waist to your feet and is usually worn with dresses and skirts. There are two main types of full-coverage hosiery: pantyhose and tights.

Pantyhose are made out of light, stretchy material that is usually sheer or semi-sheer. Tights are made out of heavier material that is generally semi-sheer or opaque. Generally, pantyhose are ideal for warmer temperatures, while tights can help you stay warm during colder weather. Most pantyhose and tights cover the entire foot; however, you can find options with open toes and heels for wear with different types of shoes. You can find pantyhose and stockings in flesh tones, black, navy, gray and other neutral hues.

Leggings for Layering and Wearing Alone

Unlike other types of hosiery, leggings can be worn on their own as form-fitting pants as well as with skirts and dresses. The leggings are similar to pants in that they usually travel to the ankle and leave the feet exposed. Leggings come in a wide range of solid colors as well as in various patterns.

Options With Less Coverage

When you're wearing pants or jeans, you will likely want to choose hosiery with less coverage than pantyhose, tights and leggings. Knee highs are one option. This type of hosiery is crafted out of the same type of material as pantyhose but goes only to the knee. For even less coverage, you can select footies made out of pantyhose material or socks fashioned out of heavier fabrics.

Figure-Sculpting Styles

Looking for hosiery that will enhance your figure? Check out control top styles. Control top tights and pantyhose fit more tightly through the waist and across the lower abdomen. As a result, the hosiery sculpts your figure, creating a sleeker, trimmer silhouette. Some control top styles also contour the rear and upper thighs, providing benefits similar to shapewear.

Choosing the Right Size

As you shop for hosiery, it is important that you pay attention to the sizes of the various products. Each brand establishes its own sizing system. Pantyhose and tight sizing is generally based on height and weight. Leggings may be sized similarly or correspond to waist or dress sizes. Knee highs, footies and socks usually come in one size that fits a range of women's shoe sizes. To learn more about the sizing for any product in our selection, simply click the product name or image. You can find sizing information and charts on the product pages.