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Hosiery at Walgreens

Take a normal outfit from mundane and vanilla to sensational and sexy with Walgreens Hosiery. You can make your legs look slimmer, softer, silkier and sexier with our wide selection of hosiery that can be purchased online or at your local store. From control tops and toe support to knee highs and footies, you can find the right hosiery for your look at Walgreens.

Types of Hosiery

Whether you're looking to firm up or flatter your figure or want a colored tight to match your savvy suit, Walgreens undoubtedly has the pantyhose or hosiery you're looking for. Walgreens offers everything from spandex leggings to the newer denim-look jeggings - from cool knee-highs to an array of fashionable, sheer and luxurious pantyhose and everything in between.

Hosiery Functionality

One of the best things about today's hosiery is that it's not only flattering - it's multi-functional. Whether you want to add a splash of crazy color, draw a figure-flattering line of view from the waist of your skirt to your sexy stiletto, or simply hold in your tummy and thighs, all can be achieved with today's hosiery available at Walgreens.

Walgreens has a vast inventory of hosiery that includes knee-high stockings, sheer pantyhose with a silky leg and tummy controlling top, toe covering half-socks, tights, fishnets and more. No matter your leg covering needs, you'll undoubtedly find it at Walgreens.

Brands Galore

Hosiery brands at Walgreens are top quality brands offered at affordable prices. Walgreens offers brands from a variety of well-known hosiery companies with highly competitive prices ranging from a mere two dollars to less than twenty-five dollars for top of the line hosiery.

Whether you're in search of a comfortable slip-sock for your toes such as the highly praised toe-sock or want to get your sexy back with a svelte pair of silky stockings, you will find them in the Walgreens hosiery department. Some women like the comfort and invigorating feel of hosiery from L'eggs Sheer Energy - and Walgreens has a huge inventory of L'eggs hosiery of virtually every type, color and size.

The Look

Want to look uber sexy in your pantyhose? No problem! Walgreens offers a sexy French high cut lace panty along with an array of sheer pairs of pantyhose from top quality brands. Or perhaps you're interested in looking fashion-forward with a cute pair of nude fishnets for that sexy pencil skirt and blazer you've been wanting to wear - Walgreens is sure to have a pair that's perfect for you. And for those who desire a little relief from uncomfortable varicose veins, FUTURO Energizing Mild Compression French Cut Lace Panty Ultra Sheer Pantyhose offer a silky feel infused with "graduated compression" which addresses circulation issues, massages as you move, and soothes tired, achy legs - yet still allows you to look and feel ultra-sexy.

No matter your hosiery needs, you're sure to find it at Walgreens.