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Humidifier Products

Humidifiers and vaporizers can help increase moisture in the indoor air during drier months of the year, with warm or cool mist. There are different types of humidifiers including ultrasonic, cool mist, and vaporizers. Each of these products works in different ways, depending on the device. You’ll find a variety of humidifiers from which to choose in stores and online at Walgreens.

Types of humidifiers

Cool mist devices often use a rotating disk, fan, or ultrasonic vibrations to produce moisture while vaporizers commonly heat up water until warm steam is produced. Cool mist humidifiers are recommended for use with children since warm steam vaporizers can lead to injuries from heat.

Walgreens offers many different humidifying devices available for purchase in store and online. Some products are designed for children and feature fun animal characters designs or projectors to provide soothing ceiling images for sleep. There are humidifiers and vaporizers in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size of your room and the amount of space you have available. For example, for smaller spaces such as an office, a tabletop personal humidifier may be best.

What does a humidifier do?

Humidifiers and vaporizers produce moisture that can help thin mucus, which may make it easier to cough and break up secretions. Many people experience irritated sinuses, cracked lips, and dry skin when the humidity in the air is lower. Upper respiratory tract illnesses can cause an increase in respiratory secretions that can lead to coughing from chest congestion and a sore throat from nasal drainage. Some studies have shown that drier air slows the body’s respiratory and immune systems from getting rid of viruses and repairing viral damage in the lungs. Humidifying the air appropriately, to compensate for lower levels of humidity, may help your body combat respiratory infections and symptoms.

Do humidifiers clean the air?

Humidifiers do not clean the air as an air purifier would. In fact, humidifiers can grow bacteria and other harmful microorganisms if they’re not cleaned properly. You should clean a humidifier every three days, change the water frequently and use distilled or demineralized water as directed in order to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Follow all product instructions carefully for safe use. There are also cleaners and de-scaling products for humidifiers available at Walgreens in stores and online.

Can you sleep with a humidifier?

You can use a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep but you should follow all product instructions carefully. Some people use humidifiers at night to moisturize the air in their bedroom during sleep. Some humidifier units feature a timer, which allows you to set the amount of time it will run. Other humidifiers may have a sensor that automatically monitors the humidity levels of the air and adjusts appropriately.

Humidifiers vs. Diffusers

Although some humidifiers come with a diffuser, humidifiers and diffusers have different functions. Diffusers disperse certain oils, scents, and other liquids into the air while humidifiers add moisture to the air. Some people have reported that certain essential oils have helped some of their symptoms or health conditions. However, studies have shown mixed results. Some scents or oil-based products can be harmful to pets or children or make allergies worse in some people. You should use caution when selecting products that are intended for air dispersion since it can affect others around you. Follow all product instructions carefully when adding to a humidifier or vaporizer because some devices may have a separate compartment for use. You can also purchase diffusers solely or as part of a humidifying device at Walgreens in stores and online.