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Knee & Thigh Braces

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Knee and Thigh Braces at Walgreens

Knee pain is uncomfortable and inconvenient. When your knees ache it's harder to get around. What causes knee pain? In some cases, repeated stress or overuse. For example, runners who "overdo" it may be sidelined by knee pain. It can also be a chronic problem. One of the most common causes of chronic knee pain is arthritis. Knee pain is usually associated with inflammation. That's why doctors often recommend treatments that decrease inflammation. They may also recommend a knee brace in some cases.

Knee Braces for Added Support

Do your knees hurt when you walk, climb stairs or get up from a chair? Ask your doctor if a knee brace can help. Adjustable knee supports made of neoprene wrap around sore or injured knees to give them added support and protection. Neoprene is a type of rubber that firmly but comfortably cushions and supports painful, inflamed knees. You can customize the degree of knee compression using the easy-to-adjust tension band that hooks above your knee cap for maximum support and comfort. These adjustable supports are easy to care for and can be safely hand washed in cool water.

Other Options

Knitted knee braces are another option. Made of a soft elastic material, they're easy to take on and off. Simply step into the opening and slide it over your knee. The elastic material gently supports your kneecaps and the muscles above and below. Wearing this comfortable knee brace, you can carry out your normal activities without fear of it sliding off. Whether you have knee discomfort from a sprain or overuse or chronic knee pain due to arthritis, a knitted knee brace may give your achy knees the added support and comfort they need.

Ultra-light knee supports are also available. These knee braces are made for women who need light support for achy knees. The fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable even when you wear it all day and they're discrete enough to not be noticed when you wear them underneath clothing. Ultra-light supports are ideal for women who stand for long periods of times and have achy knees at the end of the day but don't want a heavy knee brace that's too constrictive.

Neoprene knee supports with hinged bars are for knees that need support and added stability. The additional medial and lateral stability makes them an ideal option for people with a history of unstable knees or for added support after knee surgery. Plus, the opening in the back makes them comfortable to wear.

Specialty Products

Also available are specially-constructed knee straps for people with inflamed knees due to injury, arthritis or conditions like chondromalacia patella (inflammation of the underside of the kneecap) and Osgood-Schlatter disease (overuse injury of the knee). The strap applies pressure to the tendon just below the kneecap to reduce inflammation. This lets you carry out your normal activities with less pain and discomfort.

If you've had a knee injury in the past, sport moisture control knee supports may give your knees added support to help reduce the risk of re-injury during sports or other activities. Special moisture release technology makes them more breathable than other knee supports so moisture doesn't build up. It's cool and comfortable support for your knees.

Protecting and Supporting Your Knees Safely

Knee braces and supports give your knee added support and stability. If you have knee pain, see your doctor. Your doctor can help you choose the right knee brace based on your knee exam and your level of activity.

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