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Lab Coats at Walgreens

Visit most medical clinics, labs and hospitals and you'll see the official uniform is a white lab coat. These lab coats not only look professional, they have other benefits. If you work in a laboratory setting, a lab coat protects your clothing against stains. Lab coats usually have pockets where you can store pens, notepads and small instruments you use throughout the day. Most have buttons and are easy to take off at the end of the work day.

Choosing a Lab Coat

White is still the most popular color for a lab coat, but these coats are available in other colors. Unisex lab coats in navy or light blue add a touch of color. Plus, navy blue coats are less likely to show dirt and stains than white ones. Unisex lab coats are appropriate for both men and women. They come in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large. They range in length from 39 inches to 41 inches. Most have side slash openings so you can easily access the pockets on your clothing underneath. The majority also have upper or lower pockets or both to store items and accessories you use frequently during the day. Many lab coats have a collar you can snap shut for extra protection should you need it.

How about fabric? Some of the most popular lab coats are a combination of polyester and cotton. Although cotton is natural and more breathable, it also wrinkles easily. The addition of polyester means less ironing. Various ratios of polyester and cotton are available to meet your individual needs.

Which lab coat should you choose? First, find out whether the lab or medical office you're working at allows you to wear a colored lab coat. Some labs require you to wear white. Then pick your style and the size that's right for you. Why choose just one? It's convenient to have a few coats in reserve should you have to launder one. Polyester/cotton lab coats are easy to care for.

An Alternative to a Lab Coat

A cobbler apron offers one-size-fits-most protection for your clothing. Just slide it over your head and tie the ties on the side to draw the apron around your clothing. Unlike a lab coat, your sleeves are left open. Some cobbler aprons are pre-treated with a finish that resists stains to keep them looking clean longer. You can select from several colors including navy and merlot. Cobbler aprons protect your clothing at work and come in handy on other occasions as well. Keep an extra one at home and use it to protect your clothing when you're painting or performing other messy tasks.

Protect Your Clothing and Look Professional

With the help of a lab coat or a cobbler apron, you can protect your good clothing from stains. Wearing a lab coat also gives you the look of a professional and identifies you as "one of the team." They're convenient too. You'll always have a pocket or two handy when you have a lab coat on. Consider the options and choose the lab coat or apron that's right for you.

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