Light Bulbs and Lighting

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Light Bulbs & Lighting at Walgreens

You may not stop to think about the lighting in your home every day, but when a bulb burns out or the power fails, you quickly gain a new appreciation for the benefits that lights provide. Fortunately, you can keep every light in your home shining brightly and be prepared for blackouts with the right products. Walgreens can help you easily purchase bulbs for all types of fixtures, and we carry a wide range of lights to brighten up your home. You can shop in stores, or browse our full selection of light bulbs and lighting online and enjoy delivery to your home.

Choosing the Right Light Bulbs

There are a number of characteristics to consider when comparing light bulbs. Some bulbs are designed for specific uses, such as appliance light bulbs that are intended for use in refrigerators and range hoods. Others are general purpose bulbs that can be installed in many kinds of fixtures. For general purpose bulbs, it is important to consider both the base type and wattage. The base type refers to the type of connector found at the bottom of the bulb. Medium base or E26 bulbs are the most common. Smaller lights and chandeliers may require candelabra or E12 bulbs. Light fixtures are rated for bulbs up to a certain wattage rating. Check the bulb currently installed in your fixture to determine what wattage to purchase.

Lights for Use on the Go

Battery-operated lights can be used in a blackout emergency or on the go. It's a good idea to keep one or more flashlights in your home for use in emergencies and to help you see when you're completing repair and maintenance work in dark places. Many people also choose to carry a light source with them. You can keep a flashlight in your car or install a keychain light on your house or car keys.

Illumination for Every Room

Need to shine a little extra light in a living space? Walgreens has lighting solutions that are perfect for you. Nightlights provide dim illumination to help you see in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms at night. Tabletop lamps can be used on end table and nightstands to provide ambient illumination, and desk lamps are designed to focus bright task lighting down onto a work surface. You can even find path lighting to use along your walkways, driveway, landscaping and patio in our selection of lights.