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Lip Balm at Walgreens

If you want soft lips that are free of irritation and that look their best every day, using a lip balm on a regular basis can help you achieve your personal care goal. Lip balms are products for men and women that nourish, condition and protect the lips and are designed for frequent application to keep the lips hydrated. Walgreens offers many lip balm options to meet your needs.

Common Lip Balm Features

There are dozens of lip balm products available on the market, and each type has its own unique characteristics; however, all lip balm products do share some similarities. All lip balms contain some type of emollient, a skin care ingredient that adds moisture to skin tissue. Many different ingredients function as emollients, including beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. A lip balm may contain just one emollient or have several in its formula. Because they are used on the lips, which come in contact with the tongue and your taste buds, many lip balms feature pleasant flavors.

Lip Balm Styles

One of the main ways that lip balms differ from one another is in the style of their packaging. The most common type of lip balm is the stick tube, which is similar to lipstick. You simply remove the cap and then run the soft, solid lip balm over your lips for application. Some companies have developed special versions of the traditional tube solid, such as the lip balm sphere, which has a rounder tip. You'll also find gel lip balms, which come in a squeeze tube. These products may be applied with the fingers or directly to the lips. Their consistency is softer, and they may feel richer than a stick tube product. Pot lip balms are often waxy and drier in consistency and are applied with the fingers or a lip brush. As you shop for lip balm, you'll need to determine which form you prefer to use as part of your lip care routine.

Sun Protection Lip Balms

The effects of ultraviolet exposure can be downright dangerous for the lips. When exposed to the sun, your lips can burn just like the rest of your skin, and if your lips are frequently exposed to the sun, you increase your risk of developing certain types of skin cancer. Wearing a lip balm with sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum SPF protection can help to decrease all of the risks associated with sun exposure, including the damage that can lead to lines and discoloration. For best results, be sure to reapply your SPF lip balm frequently when outdoors, particularly if you take a drink, wipe your mouth, swim or sweat.

Cosmetic Lip Balms

Cosmetic lip balms are designed primarily for women who want the protective and moisturizing benefits of a lip balm but still want to enhance the appearance of their lips with makeup. Some cosmetic lip balms contain pigments that temporarily enhance the color of the lips like lipstick. You can also find lip balm products that create a very shiny surface that looks similar to lip gloss.