Mastectomy Care Products

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Mastectomy Care Products at Walgreens

Dealing with breast cancer and a mastectomy, removal of the breasts, is a life-changing event for many women. Along with the stress of dealing with cancer, many women have concerns about how they'll look after a mastectomy, anxiety about not having breasts if they haven't chosen reconstruction and fears about scarring. Fortunately, a number of products are available to help deal with these sensitive issues and help women look and feel their best after a mastectomy.

Breast Care after Mastectomy

One issue that concerns women undergoing a mastectomy is scarring. How much scarring a woman experiences depends on the type of technique the surgeon uses, how the wound is cared for as well as a woman's individual tendency to scar. Some women form scar tissue more easily than others.

Are there ways to reduce scarring? Silicone scar reduction sheets help flatten raised scars and may minimize the amount of visible scarring. Silicone sheeting has been used since the 1980s to manage scars and a number of studies demonstrate its effectiveness. These sheets are lightweight and comfortable against the skin. Ask your doctor if they are a good option for you.

Post-Mastectomy Body Shaping Accessories

Most women that don't opt for breast reconstruction still want to look feminine in their clothing. Breast prostheses help restore a more natural appearance to a woman's chest. These prostheses are made of silicone, a material that mimics the weight and texture of natural breast tissue. They fit comfortably into a bra to add natural looking roundness and shape. Prostheses are available for women who have had modified breast surgery as well as prostheses with a full nipple for women who have had a total mastectomy.

Why should you wear a prosthesis? Breast prostheses create a more natural appearance. Plus, they help balance your posture and keep your bra from shifting. Special mastectomy bras are also available. These bras have a built-in pocket to hold a breast prosthesis. The pocket keeps the prosthesis from moving or shifting around. Mastectomy bras are available in white and various colors and can be worn with or without a breast prosthesis.

For lightweight enhancement, silicone breast enhancers are available that weigh less than silicone breast prostheses. They offer natural breast enhancement with maximal comfort due to their lighter weight. Breast enhancers are ideal for women who've had a lumpectomy where a smaller amount of breast tissue has been removed and less enhancement is needed. The breast that underwent the lumpectomy may be slightly smaller than the other. A breast enhancer re-creates balance and symmetry between the two breasts.

Talk to your doctor before wearing a prosthesis. These types of products might not be appropriate for all women.