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Cologne at Walgreens

Choosing cologne can be one of the most subjective decisions you can make, and your particular fragrance can say a lot about you. With a variety of fragrance notes like musk, blood orange, and cedar, choosing a personalized scent can seem daunting. No matter what type of scent you prefer, Walgreens Cologne for Men offers a wide selection of different colognes for you to choose from. Find the one that's right for you, and you can use it to help shape the impression you make.

Cologne or Aftershave?

Many men use both an aftershave and a cologne as part of their daily routines. Though both products usually have pleasing scents, they are made to serve different purposes. While aftershaves will usually have some sort of scent, their main purpose is to help disinfect and soothe your skin after you run a rough razor blade over its surface. The fragrances in these products are typically on the weaker side and will fade after a few hours. If you really want a product designed to last all day, then you should choose cologne.

Personal Response to Cologne

More than perhaps any other purchase you can make, your response to a certain cologne will be based on your personal sensory memories. Whether knowingly or subconsciously, you may recognize a certain scent from your childhood or associate a particular fragrance with someone you admire or dislike. The personal response to cologne ensures that no two people will have the exact same opinion of a certain scent, which is why you may prefer to shop for your own fragrance rather than letting someone else choose one for you.

All colognes smell different depending on who is wearing them. The fragrance interacts with the chemicals in your skin, so your personal body chemistry will determine how you smell while wearing certain cologne. You need to account for this fact when choosing the fragrance that you want to wear. Spray it on and then wait about 15 minutes before determining whether you like a specific scent or not. By that time, the essential oils in the cologne will have interacted with your skin, and you will be able to judge whether or not you are happy with the way you smell.

Construction of Fragrances

The more familiar you become with different types of colognes, the more you will realize just how complex the scents actually are. Colognes are constructed with different "layers" of scents, some of which have more weight than others when it comes to the overall impression the fragrance makes. These different layers are known as top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

The top notes are the first scents that come out when you wear a certain fragrance. They are often light and fresh, but they tend to evaporate within just a few minutes after application. After the top notes have faded, the middle notes will emerge. Often, these particular scents are the ones you will most associate with a certain cologne. They are typically softer fragrances, and they will usually develop slowly as the cologne interacts with your skin. Depending on the particular product, the middle notes may last for a few hours before they evaporate and leave behind the base notes. Long-lasting and heavier, popular base notes include sandalwood, vanilla, and musk. These fragrances will usually remain strong all day and will often be the lingering scent that people associate with you.

The cologne you wear will become a major part of the impression you make, so it's important to choose a fragrance that "smells like you". Browse the selection of Cologne for Men available at Walgreens, and you will easily be able to find the exact scent you're looking for.