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Nail Sets & Accessories

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Nail Sets and Accessories at Walgreens

Love the look of a professional manicure but don't have time to continuously visit the salon to maintain your look? Nail sets are the solution. With these sets, you can enhance the appearance of your hands with artificial nails that are designed for home use. Walgreens can help you find the desired option for your manicures and stock up on the accessories that you need to make the most of nail sets. Our selection of nail sets includes a wide range of types. You can browse online to find out what's available at your local Walgreens or fill up your cart and request in-store pickup or direct-to-your-door checkout and shipping.

Simple Self-Stick Starters

If you're looking for the quickest, easiest way to benefit from artificial nails, press-on or stick-on sets are the answer. These artificial fingernails already have adhesive in place. You simply match each nail to the size of your fingernails, peel off the backing, center the nail and press to secure. Self-adhesive nail sets are often colored to give you the look of natural fully painted nails in one simple step.

Glue-On Artificial Nails

For an at-home manicure that lasts a little longer than self-stick nails, you can opt for a glue-on set. You’ll need to apply a separate adhesive to the underside of the nail before application. The adhesive is typically stronger than what's used on press-on artificial nails. Some glue-on nails are colored and ready to show off right out of the packaging. Others may need to be cut to length and polished after application. Make sure the artificial nails are completely dry before performing these steps. When buying glue-on nails, read the product descriptions carefully to determine if glue is included or if you need to purchase it separately.

Stickers and Guides for Simplifying Nail Art

Manicures with nail art catch attention and set you apart from the crowd. Some nail sets help you turn your nails into artistic masterpieces with greater ease. Stickers and decals can be applied over color to create the illusion that you've added fine-detail designs with polish. Sealing the stickers with a nail polish top coat helps to boost the staying power of the effects.

You can also purchase guides to help you create patterns like French tips or zigzag stripes. These guides slide over your nail, covering one section while leaving the rest exposed. Once the guides are in place, you simply brush on your desired nail color and let it dry. Then, you can use a second guide or reposition the first one and apply another color, continuing until your nail art manicure is complete.

Getting Professional Results on Your Own

Gel manicures are popular due to their long-lasting, chip-resistant colors, and you can get similar results at home with the right nail sets. Although each set works differently, most include a gel, an activator and brushes. Some gel nail kits must be cured with a specially designed light that is provided with the set or sold separately. If you have professionally applied acrylic tips, you can also purchase fill-in kits to maintain your nails at home.