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Nasal Strips at Walgreens

Many people experience difficulty breathing naturally, particularly when they retire for the night. While the nostrils are wide enough to allow for the passage of air, the tiny nasal valves at their backs are narrow and easily blocked, making it difficult to breathe effortlessly. One over-the-counter remedy that restores the ability to breathe freely is the nasal strip, which is designed to help open up the nasal passages.

What Are Nasal Strips and What Are They Supposed to Do?

Nasal strips can be used to aid in normal sleeping patterns as well as during times when the individual is experiencing nasal congestion due to a cold, the flu, or some other type of virus. In some cases, they can help reduce snoring. Nasal strips are small adhesive bands that are styled to fit atop the nose in order to assist the individual in breathing more freely. They are designed to open up the nasal passages by lifting up the area on the side of the nose. This scenario brings the nose closer to its natural shape and brings relief by encouraging a clear, freer flow of air. Designed to work with the shape of your nose, nasal strips are styled to fit adults. The individual wearing the nasal strip should experience an immediate sensation of having more air flowing through the nasal passages, relieving some of the stuffiness and difficulty breathing.

What Are Sleep Aids and How Do They Work?

Performing in a similar manner to nasal strips, sleep aids are designed to assist in opening up the airways of the nose. A sleep aid is placed in the nasal passages overnight, and it is meant to help keep them fully open. The sleep aid is styled so that it clips onto the portion (septum) of the nose in between the openings. Some sleep aids have been styled for one-time use. Designed for placement inside of the nasal passage, this type of sleep aid slowly dissolves as it provides a supply of melatonin to the body in order to promote the natural sleep process. Sleep aids are styled for comfort in order to make it easier for people to wear them on a nightly basis or as needed.

Convenient Sizing Differences in Nasal Strips Promotes Comfort and Better Performance

Styled to fit adult noses, nasal strips are available in several sizes, ranging from small to large. It's important to get ones that fit comfortably, otherwise, you might not want to continue using them, even if they do work well for your needs. Some styles feature spring-like bands that moderate the pressure that is applied to lift the skin atop the nasal passages.

Addressing Skin Sensitivity through a Variety of Styles

Walgreens sells a wide assortment of nasal strips and sleep aids from top brands like Breathe Right. Many of these designs are latex free, hypoallergenic, and drug free. While the primary purpose of nasal strips is to open up the nose so that the individual can breathe more freely, it is important not to irritate the skin. Choosing products designed for skin sensitivity helps to avoid unwanted irritation that can lead to redness or rashes.