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Nasal Strips

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Nasal Strips at Walgreens

If snoring is interfering with your or your partner's ability to rest, Walgreens can help you take steps to address the problem. We carry a diverse assortment of nasal strips designed to reduce snoring so that you and your partner can get a good night's rest. You can explore our selection of anti-snoring solutions online and then make your purchase online or at a local Walgreens.

Understanding Snoring

Studies have found that roughly half of all adults will experience snoring at some point in their lives. Snoring happens when air moves through the throat, producing vibrations that make loud sounds. The problem can have a number of causes, including nasal congestion, alcohol consumption and the anatomy of the mouth. In addition, people who are obese or who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore. Although snoring is often harmless, the symptom could also stem from a medical condition called sleep apnea that requires treatment from a doctor. As a result, it is a good idea to discuss snoring with your doctor before trying to address the problem on your own.

Strips for Easier Breathing

Nasal strips provide a simple solution for snoring. These are flexible self-adhesive strips that fit along the bridge of your nose. The strips stretch from nostril to nostril, gently pulling up on the openings. In this way, nasal strips slightly widen the nostrils and the nasal cavities to allow air to move through the nose more freely. This can reduce snoring for many people. While nasal strips are primarily used for snoring, they may also be worn during the day. People may choose to wear them during exercise to improve their breathing or to make it easier to breathe when they are suffering from nasal congestion.

Comparing Strips

Although all nasal strips work similarly, some products have unique features that provide different benefits for users. Extra strength nasal strips are made from thicker material, making them less likely to rip and tear during application and throughout the night. Clear nasal strips blend in better with the skin, making it less obvious that you are using an anti-snoring product. Some nasal strips are scented with essential oils such as lavender. You can read the product descriptions to discover the benefits of the nasal strips featured in this selection.

Other Anti-Snoring Solutions

Nasal strips are the most common type of external anti-snoring aid, but they are not the only way to deal with snoring. There are other products that you can use to improve your breathing at night and lower the likelihood of snoring. Alternative anti-snoring aids are often worn inside of the nostrils to widen and dilate them. Some individuals prefer these anti-snoring aids because they feel they are more comfortable or more discreet.