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Clean & Natural Oral Care

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Natural and Organic Oral Care at Walgreens

The right oral care products can help promote a whiter, healthier smile, and when you choose products that are natural and organic, they can also further your efforts toward living a greener lifestyle. Walgreens stocks a diverse assortment of natural and organic oral care products, so you can find solutions for every step of your oral care routine.

Natural and Organic Defined

When used to describe oral care products, natural most often means that a formula has fewer chemical ingredients than conventional options. For example, the flavors in a natural oral care product may come from plant oils like mint rather than from artificial flavorings.

Organic oral care products are certified or accepted by a government agency or third-party organization, attesting to the fact that they meet the standards developed by the group. Usually, organic oral care products feature a large percentage of organically grown, plant-based ingredients and are free of specific chemicals. Natural and organic personal care products may be an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to synthetics found in standard oral care products or for those who just want to reduce the amount of chemicals that they use during their daily routines.

Solutions for Everyone's Oral Care Routine

Natural oral care brands typically develop toothpastes with specific concerns in mind. Whitening products contain ingredients that lessen the appearance of discoloration due to foods and drinks, while anti-plaque toothpastes may discourage the formation of tartar with extra-strength cleansing ingredients. Toothpastes for sensitive teeth typically contain gentle ingredients that reduce discomfort. You can read the product names and descriptions to find natural and organic toothpastes that are in line with your specific oral care needs.

Options for the Whole Family

Children have different needs when it comes to oral care. Toothpastes for grown-ups may be too strong for kids or their flavors may be too overpowering for young palates. That’s why many natural and organic oral care brands develop toothpaste and other products specifically for children. You can use the menu at the left to focus on kid-friendly options and simplify shopping.

Rinses and Washes to Complete Your Regimen

Natural and organic mouth rinses and mouthwashes can add additional benefits to your oral care routine. Breath-freshening mouthwashes help make your mouth feel cleaner. Some formulas help reduce bacteria to promote a healthier mouth.

Fluoride-Free Oral Care Options

Some natural and organic toothpastes and rinses are labeled as fluoride-free. Fluoride is a mineral that has been clinically shown to strengthen dental enamel and make it more resistant to decay. Because of its benefits, many manufacturers add fluoride to their products. This can be a problem for people who are sensitive to fluoride or who need to avoid fluoride due to supplements or medications that they take. Your dentist can help you decide whether fluoride-free natural and organic oral care products are the right choice for you.