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Natural Bath & Body

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Natural and Organic Bath and Body at Walgreens

If you're striving to use fewer chemicals on a daily basis, altering your bath and body care routine by adding natural personal care products can help you accomplish your goals. Walgreens makes it simple to discover alternatives to conventional products that you can use in the tub, in the shower or as a part of your daily skincare routine. In this product selection, you'll find only natural and organic bath and body products for easy shopping.

Choosing Natural Products for your Bathing Routine

Compared to conventional formulas, natural bath and body products generally contain fewer synthetic ingredients like dyes, preservatives and fragrances. In place of these ingredients, brands usually use botanical ingredients, such as essential oils and plant oils and butters. Some products also feature minerals and other naturally derived substances. To find out exactly what's in any of the natural products found in this assortment, check out the ingredients listing on its product description page.

The Organic Difference

Organic bath and body products are natural formulas that have earned certification or a seal of approval from a third-party government agency or organization. Each certifying body has its own definition of organic and uses it to evaluate products. Normally, a certain percentage of the formula must come from ingredients grown using organic farming methods that don't involve the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Also, many organic certifiers require products to be free of specific chemicals.

Cleansing and Hydrating from Head to Toe

With natural and organic cleansers, you can wash away oil, sweat and other impurities while decreasing the size of your eco footprint. Lather up with a natural bar soap to easily control how much cleanser you use or simplify sudsing by reaching for a natural shower gel or body wash. You can find options available for men, women and kids as well as products that can suit the whole family. After a bath or shower, seal in lost moisture with a natural or organic product. Body lotions and balms have a lightweight feel and tend to work best for normal to oily skin, while heavier creams provide extra hydration of drier skin.

Making Baths More Luxurious

Using natural and organic bath products can turn your soak into a spa-like experience. Create an abundance of bubbles with a bubble bath or add an energizing fizz to the water with a bath bomb or bath salts. Use a bath oil to condition the water and promote softer skin during your time in the tub. You can also try adding a few drops of essential oils to your bathwater to incorporate aromatherapy into your bathing routine.

Addressing Common Concerns

The right natural body products can help you address dermatological concerns wherever they occur. Top natural and organic brands frequently offer products for addressing acne , minimizing the appearance of scars and stretchmarks, soothing symptoms of eczema and more. Use the menu at the left to filter the product selection by concern, so you can focus only on the products intended for your specific skincare needs.