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Natural & Organic Shaving & Grooming Products at Walgreens

Shaving is a simple way to remove unwanted facial and body hair and promote smoother skin, and today, it's possible to shave in a way that is completely in line with your eco-friendly philosophy. For people who prefer natural and organic products, there are a number of shaving solutions available. Here at Walgreens, we make it easy to green your shaving routine and discover natural and organic products that are ideal for your needs. We have organized all of your natural and organic shaving products on this page, so you can quickly discover what's available to purchase online and in stores.

What Are Natural Shaving Products?

Conventional shaving products often contain chemical ingredients, such as foaming agents, fragrances, dyes and preservatives. In natural shaving products, synthetic ingredients are often replaced with minerals, plant oils and plant extracts whenever possible. As a result, natural products frequently contain fewer chemicals than their conventional counterparts. People who are striving to cut down on the number of synthetic ingredients used in their homes often opt for natural shaving products. In addition, those who are sensitive to certain chemical ingredients may choose to use natural shaving products to avoid potential irritants.

The Organic Difference

Some natural shaving products can also be classified as organic. To be called organic, a natural shaving product must earn certification from a third-party organization or agency. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is one of the most trusted organic certifying bodies in the United States. To qualify for organic certification, products must contain a certain percentage of natural ingredients that are grown, sourced and processed through environmentally friendly methods. Each certifying body establishes their own guidelines for certification. You can check the product descriptions to find out what type of certification the organic shaving solutions have and then search online to learn more about the requirements.

Types of Natural and Organic Shaving Products

As interest in natural and organic grooming products grows, manufacturers are offering more and more eco-friendly alternatives to conventional shaving products. Natural and organic shaving creams and gels are the most common products. These formulas are applied to the face or body and provide lubrication for the razor. Using a natural or organic shaving cream or gel can reduce the risk of shaving-related irritation, nicks and cuts. You may also find pre-shave products that prepare the skin for the razor and soothing post-shave products made with natural and organic ingredients.

Comparing Your Options

To find the best natural and organic shaving products for your needs, begin by considering ingredients. The product descriptions will tell you what the formulas contain and what the benefits of the various ingredients are. You may also want to consider the forms of the products so that you can choose the one that's best for you. If you have a specific shaving concern, such as in-grown hairs or razor burn, you can look for formulas that are designed specifically to address your symptoms. The menu on the left will allow you to search for natural and organic shaving products by brand, price, availability and more.