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Odor Control for Feet at Walgreens

Foot odor is an embarrassing problem that can make anyone a little hesitant about wearing sandals out in public. If you don't like the way your feet smell, however, you have several options to help beat the odor. Walgreens has a wide assortment of products designed to keep your feet dry and make your shoes smell fresh. When combined with proper hygiene, they can help you say goodbye to odor.

Causes of Foot Odor

At the most basic level, sweat is responsible for all types of body odor, but the mechanics behind foot odor are a little more complicated. The type of sweat emitted from your feet isn't the same as that from other smelly areas like your armpits. Rather than feeding off the sweat itself, the bacteria that are responsible for foot odor eat the dead skin cells that cover your feet. These bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments, so your socks and shoes provide the perfect breeding ground. By eliminating the bacteria and getting rid of the moisture, you can stop foot odor in its tracks.

How to Control Foot Odor

Getting rid of foot odor tends to be a multistep process for most people, which often involves modifications to your hygiene as well as using specialized foot odor control products. As simple as it may sound, the first step toward stopping the smell is to make sure to keep your feet clean. Wash them thoroughly each time you take a shower, and consider using an antibacterial soap to eliminate some of the germs responsible for odor. Additionally, by getting rid of as much dead skin as possible, you remove the cells that bacteria subsist on, so you might want to regularly scrape your feet with a pumice stone.

The other most important step when trying to eliminate odor is keeping your feet dry. Foot powders are specially formulated to absorb moisture and make your socks and shoes an inhospitable environment for bacteria. These products can help control sweat and keep your feet feeling fresh and dry. Another way to keep your feet dry is by avoiding wearing socks and closed-off shoes whenever possible. Though you may feel wary about putting on sandals, you should find that your clean and dry feet don't smell anymore when your open shoes allow them to breathe.

Treating Your Shoes

Once bacteria has started to grow on your shoes, you'll find that it's often actually the shoes themselves that smell rather than your feet being the sole culprits. You may want to opt for a designated odor-fighting spray or special insoles that help destroy bacteria within your shoes. If your sneakers are especially foul-smelling, it might even be worth it to invest in a product that kills the bacteria using UV rays.

Getting rid of foot odor may seem like a difficult task, but once you start a foot care regimen, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. The foot care products available from Walgreens are designed to make odor a thing of the past so that you can finally start to feel good about your feet.