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Pads at Walgreens

If you want to stay fresh all day, you may find it convenient to wear protective pads in your underwear. Protective pads can help to reduce leakage, increasing user confidence. Pads come in many shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose. When you browse Walgreens website, you will find a variety of pads, from discreet, individually-wrapped mini pads to maxi pads that offer a higher level of security and protection.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of a sanitary pad that is right for you will depend on the level of flow that you experience. This is likely to vary during the course of the month. On days that you are not menstruating, you may find a thin panty liner is all you'll need to keep you feeling fresh. During your period, you are likely to need larger pads to cope with increased flow. New sanitary pad technology has led to some pads becoming thinner without reducing levels of absorbency. Hi-tech materials built into the core of many pads helps to lock away moisture without the need for bulky textiles.

Discreet Designs

Protective pads are secured to your underwear, typically using adhesive strips. Most protective pads are designed to be discreet and unnoticeable under clothing. Manufacturers have introduced innovations over the years that have helped pads to become increasingly unobtrusive. Contours that fit your curves and wings that hold the pads securely in place can help them to remain inconspicuous.

Individually Wrapped

Many women like to carry replacement pads with them in their purses to allow them to change their pads during the course of the day. Most pads need to be changed every three to four hours to ensure maximum freshness. You may prefer to purchase individually wrapped pads if you know that you will be tucking them into your purse. The wrappers help the pads to remain hygienic and discreet.

Sleep Well When You Use Night-time Pads

If you want to use pads during the night, you may opt for specially developed overnight pads. These pads tend to be bulkier because they do not need to fit discreetly under clothing. Overnight pads are often longer than their daytime counterparts, offering complete protection no matter what position you lie in while you sleep.

Eco-friendly Pads

If you are concerned about the environment, you could choose to wear pads that are made from natural ingredients and have not been bleached with chlorine. Alternatively, you may prefer to purchase a washable pad that can be laundered and re-used. These eco-friendly alternatives provide you with protection against leaks and stains without harming the natural environment.

Bladder Protection

If you experience urinary incontinence, you may worry about leaks occurring as you go about your daily business. Leaks could lead to noticeable stains on clothing or furniture. You may find that you are more relaxed and self-assured if you place a bladder protection pad in your underwear. When you know that any leaks will be contained within a specially developed protective pad, you can enter social situations with increased confidence.

With so many options to consider and choose from, Walgreens carries a wide assortment of feminine care products that are sure to meet your individual personal care needs.