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Perfume at Walgreens

Scent has a powerful impact on others, and the right fragrance can send a positive message to those around you. Walgreens Perfume Products offers a wide selection of the most popular scents for women. Featuring scents from top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, and Clinique, Walgreens has your perfect fragrance to make a statement with scent.

Types of Fragrance

As you shop for fragrance online, you'll see perfumes referred to as "eau de toilette" and "eau de parfum." These French terms describe the concentration of the perfume, and understanding their meanings will help to ensure that you select the perfect product. Perfume is made from a variety of ingredients, and it's the scented oils that a product contains that create its fragrance. Perfume makers can use different concentrations of scented oils in their products. When a perfume is 10 to 15 percent oils, it is referred to as "eau de parfum." These fragrances are powerful and long lasting. Just a few drops is all you need to make the perfume easily detectable, so be careful not to over apply. An "eau de toilette" is 5 to 10 percent scented oils, giving it a lighter fragrance. Some people prefer to wear eau de toilette during the summer months when heavier fragrances can be overpowering. You're also less likely to use too much eau de toilette because it is lighter. Generally, eau de toilette perfumes are less expensive than eau de parfum products as well.

Understanding Scents

How can you tell what a perfume will smell like when you shop online? Perfume products typically have a list of notes, the various scents that the fragrance contains. You'll see three types of notes described for fragrances. The top note is what you notice first about a fragrance. These powerful scents remain potent only for a short period of time. The middle notes are longer lasting and can be detected for 1 to 2 hours after you apply a perfume. After that, it is the base note of the fragrance that you can sense on your skin. Some base notes can stay potent for up to an entire day after application.

Special Formulas for Special Concerns

While most perfume products are either eau de parfum or eau de toilette sprays, there are other fragrance options available on the market that could be right for your needs. If you're looking for a very subtle hint of fragrance, a body spray may be the perfect solution. These products only contain 5 percent fragrance or less, so they are wonderful options for those who do not like heavier scents. Roll-on perfumes are quick and simple to apply and allow you to control application to avoid using too much perfume. Fragranced moisturizers are skin care products that are lightly scented and that fight dryness of the skin of the face or body.

Whether you're looking for a new fragrance, replenishing your supply of your favorite scent or trying to find the perfect fragrance gift set, Walgreens Perfume for Women Products has what you're looking for at a great low price.