Pill Organization

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Pill Organization Products at Walgreens

Do you take multiple medications? If so, it's important to keep them organized. Without proper organization, you run the risk of taking the wrong dose - or even the wrong pill. With some medications, this can have devastating consequences. Pills are often similar in appearance and it's easy to get them confused. Plus, keeping your medications properly organized and safely stored reduces the risk of children or pets accidentally swallowing them. It also makes it less likely you'll miss a dose.

Keeping Your Medications Organized

Pill organizers come in all shapes and sizes. One simple solution is to place your medications in moisture-proof pill pouches. These pouches protect your pills while making them easy to identify. Simply fill in the label on the front with the name of the pill.

Plastic Containers

You can also enjoy the convenience of organizing your pills in durable, see-through plastic containers. These organizers contain individual compartments corresponding to each day of the week. Just place the pills for the day into the appropriate compartments. When you're busy it's easy to forget whether you've taken your pills. With compartmentalized pill organizers, you will know.

Monthly Organizers for Pills

Monthly pill organizers are designed with pill compartments or cassettes for each day of the month. With this convenient system, you can organize your pills for an entire four week period. Each organizer contains individualized compartments for morning, noon, evening and night doses to reduce the risk of mix-ups. This works well if you're taking many different medications.

Stackable Pill Organizers

You can also organize your medications using stackable pill organizers with individual compartments that fit on top of one another. These are perfect if you have limited storage space. They are also convenient when you're traveling. If you sometimes forget to take your pills, pill box organizers with an attached digital clock and alarm give you a subtle reminder. Just set the alarm to go off at the right times.

Travel Solutions for Medication

Traveling with medications can sometimes pose a challenge, especially if you take medications like insulin that need refrigeration. Special organizing systems with temperature control keep insulin and other medications cool when you travel. Travel kits for medications without temperature control are also available for keeping your pills organized.

Medicine Storage Boxes

It is very important to keep your medication away from children and pets. Medicine storage boxes keep your medications under lock and key and out of the hands of others. They also keep them organized yet easy to access. Safe storage gives you added security and peace of mind.

Other Handy Pill Aids

Pill splitters come in handy when you need to cut a pill in half. That's not easy to do with a standard knife. Pill splitters make the job easy and ensure a more even split so you get the appropriate dose. Do you have trouble swallowing pills? In this case, pill crushers can be a lifesaver. Use them to crush pills into a fine powder that's easier to swallow. Always follow the directions when using pill cutters, splitters and crushers. Talk to your doctor before splitting your pills. For some medications, this may not be appropriate.