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Power Wheelchairs

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Power Wheelchairs at Walgreens

Mobility issues can make it difficult to maintain your independence--especially if you are confined to a manual wheelchair and require the assistance of another person to push you. By switching to a power wheelchair, you can open up a new world of possibilities as you feel comfortable getting around on your own. Walgreens has a wide selection of power wheelchairs that are easy to control and extremely portable. They feature adjustable components for increased comfort and functionality.

Features and Benefits of Power Wheelchairs

When a manual wheelchair becomes too much of a burden for you--either because of physical limitations or just because you want to have a little more autonomy--it will be up to you to decide whether you would rather use an electric scooter or a power wheelchair to get around.

Power wheelchairs tend to be the best choice for indoor use, though many of them are also sturdy enough to take outside. Their tighter turn radius makes it easier to go around corners in a power wheelchair than it is in a scooter. You also may find that a wheelchair can be more easily adjusted to address your physical constraints. These products are controlled via a joystick on the armrest, for instance, as opposed to a scooter that needs to be driven with handlebars. In general, a power wheelchair is usually the best option for everyday use whereas a mobility scooter is helpful if you just need mobility assistance when you are out and about.

When compared to your manual options, you will find that there are many benefits to using a power wheelchair. The most obvious advantage is that you don't need to use your arm strength to propel yourself forward, nor do you need to be pushed by a caretaker. Individuals who use these devices often find that they are able to achieve a sense of independence that they may have never known before since you can rely on the motor to help you get around.

Since all you need is dexterity in one hand to control the joystick, most people--even those with muscle weakness or other limiting disabilities--find that the steering mechanism is easy to use. Even if you can't use your hand to control the chair, there are other accessories that can be attached to control your motion via your breathing or head movements.

Another useful feature of power wheelchairs is the ability to adjust them in a variety of different ways. Using different accessories, chairs can be manipulated into almost any position. If you feel most comfortable reclined or otherwise tilted, you can find chairs that accommodate this need. You can also adjust the back, arm, and leg rests to help tailor the chair to your preferences. Many power wheelchairs can even hoist you up into a standing position while still supporting your weight. These power stand up wheelchairs can help you access countertops and other furniture that you wouldn't be able to reach while sitting down. The supported standing position can also improve your blood flow and your muscle tone.

A power wheelchair could be just the tool you need to take control of your own mobility. Talk to your medical professional to find out if this type of mobility aid is suitable for you. Check out the selection of options of wheelchairs and transport chairs available from Walgreens to find the one that best suits your needs.

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