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Pre & Post Shave Products at Walgreens

Shaving is a highly effective way to remove unwanted hair from the face and body, but for many people, simply using a razor is not enough to get smooth, irritation-free results. Pre-shave and post-shave products can enhance your grooming regimen, making it easier for you to shave while minimizing unpleasant side effects of shaving. At Walgreens, you'll find a vast selection of pre-shave and post-shave products waiting to be discovered. You can explore all of the solutions available to help you get the best shaving results possible and then purchase the best products for your needs online or in stores.

Preparing for the Razor

Pre-shave products are designed for use before you begin to shave. These products include lotions, creams, gels and balms that are applied to the face or an area of the body. While each pre-shave solution has its own unique ingredients and benefits, the products are generally used to prepare the skin and hair for the effects of the razor. Using a pre-shave product can soften hair growth, making it easier for razor blades to cut through. Pre-shave products can also provide protection for the skin to reduce the risk of razor burn. With most pre-shaving products, you'll still need to apply a shaving cream or gel to provide lubrication for your razor. The product descriptions will tell you more about the benefits and directions for use for the pre-shave formulas featured in this selection.

Classic After Shave Products

Many men enjoy using conventional after shave products on their faces. Classic after shave typically produces a pleasant cooling sensation when applied to the skin. The effects of after shave can diminish redness and irritation associated with shaving. Some formulas also have antiseptic benefits. Most after shave products are scented and leave behind an appealing fragrance after use.

Other Post-Shave Options

Conventional after shave isn't the only product that you can apply to your skin after you have finished shaving. Many brands offer creams, lotions and gels as post-shaving skin care solutions. These products typically provide hydration to soften and condition skin. In addition, the formulas usually include anti-inflammatory ingredients that can minimize redness and inflammation that develop due to the friction of razor blades. Like after shave, post-shave skin care products are often scented; however, the fragrance is often subtler.

Solutions for Shaving-Related Concerns

Even if you use a high quality razor and shaving cream or gel, you may still develop skin issues due to shaving. Some post-shave products are designed to address these concerns. You can find products for ingrown hairs, razor burn, itching and dry skin. There are also formulas for disinfecting nicks and cuts. To quickly find the best post-shaving products for your specific needs, you can use the menu at the left to narrow down the options by concern.