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Pre and Post Shave Products at Walgreens

Every man must shave his face at some point in his life. Even if you're growing a beard, you need to shave along the outer edges to keep the beard looking neat or shave your neck to prevent chafing and ingrown hairs. No matter whether you're shaving your entire face or just performing a beard touch up, you'll need pre and post shave products to achieve the most comfortable shave.

Preparing your Face for the Razor

Most men know to apply shaving cream to their faces before they take a razor to their beards or stubble, but did you know that pre shave cream can be just as important? Walgreens has a wide range of pre shave oils, powders, sticks and creams that hydrate the skin, open the pores, and soften the beard hairs to make shaving quick, easy and comfortable. Using a shaving cream, gel or foam afterwards is still important, however. A shaving cream complements the pre shave product by enriching the skin with nutrients such as vitamin E to protect against the harsh effects of a razor. They also usually contain cleansing agents, emulsifiers to soften and hydrate, and lubricants which help the razor glide across the skin more smoothly. Lastly, shaving creams lift the beard hairs away from the face to make them more accessible to the razor, leading to a cleaner, closer shave.

The Advancement of After Shaves

It used to be that after shave was mostly alcohol based and when you splashed it on your face post shave, you'd feel a strong tingling and burning sensation. Back then, alcohol was used as a way to disinfect the skin after a shave so that minor nicks and cuts caused by the razor wouldn't get infected. While today there are still aftershaves with alcohol that you can use to cleanse and tone the skin post shave, after shaves have advanced beyond just disinfecting. Walgreens has a diverse array of after shaves that contain soothing and hydrating agents which calm and moisturize the skin. There are after shave moisturizers available filled with antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that bring about signs of aging, as well as oils that not only soothe, protect and hydrate, but refresh the skin with an invigorating scent.

Complete Your Shaving Kit with Walgreens

Walgreens has everything you need to round out your pre shave and post shave collection of products. We have a large assortment of pre shave lotions, creams and oils to meet your needs with just as many complementary post shave products to mix and match. You can filter results with the buttons on the top left of the page. Perhaps you're looking for pre and post shave products from the same brand, or perhaps your prefer to look at a list of products under a certain price point. You can do that. All of our products have informative ingredients lists as well as reviews from customers so that you know what it is you're getting. Browse Walgreens today and get started on rounding out your collection of effective and affordable shaving and grooming products.