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Hand Sanitizer at Walgreens

It is very important to keep your hands clean throughout the day in order to maintain optimal health and cleanliness. Whether you are at home, at work, or on-the-go, doctors recommend washing your hands regularly to avoid illness and germs. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a restroom. In these instances, hand sanitizer can help you stay healthy and clean no matter where you are.

Importance of Hand Cleanliness

Your hands touch hundreds of surfaces per day and can easily move germs from one place to another. When you have germs or bacteria on your hands, it can easily be transferred into your body via your mouth or eyes. Many health experts recommend that you wash your hands with soap any time you shake hands, begin or finish preparing food, handle meat or egg products, use the restroom, change a diaper, or handle garbage. Taking these precautions can help you avoid food poisoning and the latest bug that is going around the office. While washing your hands is ideal, it is not always convenient. Fortunately, hand sanitizer allows you to get the same results from washing without needing to find a bathroom or water source.

Gel Sanitizer

Even if you have never used hand sanitizer before, chances are you have seen a friend or colleague use it. Carrying hand sanitizer in your bag can help eliminate tricky situations. If you have just shaken hands with someone who has a cold but have to sit through a meeting, you can subtly apply a small amount of sanitizing gel to your hands. This will help kill any harmful germs or bacteria and provide you the peace of mind you need to get to work. Gel hand sanitizers come in large and small bottles. Many offices and workplaces keep large bottles of hand sanitizer in public spaces, allowing you to easily keep your hands germ-free while working. Hand sanitizer is excellent when you are out in public. If you are at a sporting event or concert, you will touch a lot of surfaces covered in germs. Carrying hand sanitizer with you will allow you to disinfect your hands prior to eating, which can help keep you healthy. If you are worried about the strong alcohol smell that some hand sanitizers have, check out Walgreens' range of scented hand sanitizer products. These offer the same results in a lightly scented formula.

Sanitizing Wipes

Another popular method of cleansing your hands is by using disinfecting wipes. These wipes have a hand sanitizing formula on them, allowing you to thoroughly wipe your hands with each towelette. Hand sanitizing wipes are extremely portable and can fit into your purse, gym bag, backpack, or pocket without taking up much room. These are great when you are on-the-go. Hand sanitizing wipes are popular for frequent air travelers. There are a lot of germs in airports and on planes, and hand sanitizing wipes can be placed in your carry-on baggage without causing any screening problems at the security checkpoint.