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Ethnic Hair Care at Walgreens

Take great care of you hair with Walgreens Ethnic Hair Care Products. Recognizing the unique needs of your hair, Walgreens features specialty hair products that enable you to create your own beautiful look that you can style in many different ways. Ethnic hair care products are formulas developed specifically with the needs of your hair in mind to help you promote healthier, more manageable tresses. All specialty hair care items are conveniently located at Walgreens and include relaxers, moisturizing oils, and anti-breakge serums.

The Unique Structure of African-American Hair

Ethnic hair care products recognize that your hair looks and feels differently than other types of hair because structurally it is very different. Your individual hairs are much thicker than other types of hair, and the strands are very flat in appearance. The flatness of the strands is what makes African-American hair prone to curling and kinking. Curls happen when chemical bonds form in the hair attracting one part of the strand to the next. The flatter the hair strands, the more surface area there is for these bonds to form, explaining why African-Americans often have much tighter curls than other individuals.

Taming Curls

Finding ways to deal with waves and curls as an African-American is an important part of your hair care regimen. If you wish to wear a natural hairstyle, using styling products for curls will help you to shape and sculpt your curls and reduce the likelihood of frizz. Be sure to use these products when your hair is wet, as once your hair dries, the chemical bonds have mostly formed in your hair, making it much more difficult to change the shape of curls.

Straightening the Tresses

If you prefer straighter, more sleek hairstyles, you can browse our selection of ethnic hair styling products to help. Relaxers are products that reduce curls and leave the hair looking straight and smooth. These specially formulated products work by breaking the chemical bonds that pull your hair into a curly shape so that they cannot immediately reform. This is done through the use of chemicals. While relaxers can help you get the straight hairstyle you desire, the chemicals can be harsh on your hair strands, making it important that you use an ethnic hair care moisturizing conditioner on a regular basis to keep your strands from becoming brittle.

Dealing with Dryness

The flatness of African-American hair strands doesn't just provide more surface area for bonds to form curls, but the shape also provides more of an area for moisture to become evaporated. African-Americans are more susceptible to dry hair, which produces symptoms like brittleness, a straw-like texture and frizz. Walgreens offers moisturizing and hydrating treatment products specially formulated to be used after you shampoo your hair to help replenish hydration and combat dryness. If your hair is extra dry or you live in an arid climate, you should finish by sealing the ends with a hair oil to lock the moisture inside. This will result in healthier looking hair.

Addressing Hair Loss and Breakage

Hair loss and breakage are very common problems among African-Americans, particularly for women. Breakage is typically caused by excessive dryness. Using a strengthening hair care product can help address this problem. If you're experiencing symptoms of hair loss, be sure to talk to your doctor. Wearing your hair in tight braids and overusing relaxers can contribute to hair loss, or you could have an underlying medical problem that requires treatment. Your doctor can advise you as to the best way to deal with hair loss whether it's with ethnic hair care products or other options. To view more options in ethnic hair care products, use the left navigation menu to view products from your favorite brands including SheaMoisture, Creme of Nature, and Dark and Lovely.