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Bath Lifts at Walgreens

The number of deaths related to falls among older adults is on the rise, and falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for seniors aged 65 and older. Falls are also a concern for injured or disabled people under age 65, as even a minor fall can lead to lasting medical problems. Bath lifts are one way to reduce your risk of falling in the bathroom, and Walgreens makes getting a bath lift simple and affordable.

How do Bath Lifts Work?

A bath lift is a special type of seat that sits inside of the bathtub. While there are many types of models on the market, most have a high back, open sides and an extra wide seat. The width of the seat allows the bath lift to rest against the edges of the tub, so that you can slide onto the seat with ease. Once you are comfortable, you can fold down the sides of the seat, making it narrower in width. Then, you can activate a motor inside of the seat to slowly lower it into the bathtub. This is often done with a remote control, though some seats have a control panel built into the seat. In the lowered position, you can sit in the tub and wash as you normally would. When you are finished bathing, you reengage the motor to raise the seat, lift the sides of the seat and slide off of the bath lift.

Why Buy a Bath Lift

Falls in the bathroom often occur when entering or exiting the tub. Seniors and people with limited mobility may find it difficult or painful to transfer from standing to sitting or to raise their legs enough to step into the tub. Bath lifts eliminate the need to bend and stretch to get into and out of the tub, greatly reducing the risk of falls. With a bath lift, you won't need to alter your tub or renovate your entire bathroom to enhance its safety, and the lift will not interfere with bathing.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Bath Lift

When choosing a bath lift, you'll need to ensure that the model you select will fit into your tub. Lifts are designed to work in bathtubs of standard size and shape, but if you have a specialty tub, the lift may not work. To use a bath lift on your own, you'll need to have enough mobility to slide onto the seat safely and pull your legs over the side of the tub. Special stools and steps are available to help you transfer to the bath lift as needed. You may still want to install a non-slip mat on the floor of your tub as an added safety precaution, and you should have a rug or a nonslip bath mat outside of the tub to improve your bathroom safety when you get off of the bath lift. Head rests and protective covers are available for bath lifts to help you enhance your comfort while you bathe, and you can find a wide selection of these accessories for your bath lift at Walgreens.

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