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Body Spray at Walgreens

When shopping for a body spray, you will find a wonderful selection at Walgreens. We have a sorting tool that allows you to view body sprays by various categories. Check out our top sellers, highest rated, lowest priced, and newest arrivals. Whether you're looking for a scented body spray, a body spray that doubles as a deodorant, or a specialty product, you'll find it here at Walgreens.

Enjoy a Hint of Fragrance All Day and Night

Heading out for the day? Leaving for a romantic weekend? Make sure you have your body spray with you. After several hours, your initial application of fragrance or cologne may wear off. Whether you're active or not, a good rule of thumb is to reapply your signature scent every two to four hours. A body spray can offer many benefits. To start, it's convenient. Many users like how a spray goes on fast, and that it provides even coverage. If you don't like the greasy feel of a perfumed lotion, a body spray is a good alternative. The spray formula is absorbed quickly by your skin and feels dry to the touch, so it won't make your skin shiny or stain your clothes. Use it after a bath or shower. Your body spray can be used to freshen up more than just your skin. Mist some fragrance on your hair, accessories, or bed linens for a delightful dose of scent.

Opt for a Body Spray to Help You Control Odor

Women's and men's skin care options now include a range of body sprays that double as deodorants. Why do so many prefer using a body spray instead of more traditional products, including sticks and roll-ons? Some like the fact that spray formulas won't leave a tacky residue on their skin and body hair. Others are looking to streamline their morning regimen, and they like using one product instead of two or three. And those with sensitivities may find that sprays don't irritate their delicate skin. Go ahead and pick your favorite scent, from something subtle to a bit more bold. The body sprays contain ingredients that fight odor and keep you smelling good while you work and play.

Check Out Our Specialty Body Sprays

The majority of body sprays on the market are formulated to impart fragrance and control odor. Walgreens offers specialty body sprays for your other well-being needs, too. If you suffer from chafed skin while sitting, walking, or exercising, look for the body spray that will address and minimize your discomfort. This product features ingredients that absorb perspiration and calm inflamed skin, so friction and rubbing won't slow you down. Walgreens also sells aromatherapy body sprays. These products may contain organic botanicals and essential oils, and may be free of synthetic fragrances, colors, and preservatives. Aromatherapy sprays are used to improve your spirit, from calming to energizing, and can be used as a body mist or a room freshener. And for that special someone, check out our selection of luxurious body spray gift bags. You're sure to find the perfect present for an upcoming birthday or holiday.