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Foreplay Accessories at Walgreens

Foreplay can greatly add to intimate experiences, enhancing arousal to make intercourse more pleasurable and climaxes more intense. Many couples find themselves falling into routines when it comes time for foreplay. This can lead to dissatisfaction or make couples feel as if they are stuck in ruts. Foreplay accessories can help bring something new to the experience, bringing spice back to a relationship. Walgreens has many foreplay accessories available for you to discover, allowing you to experiment in the bedroom.

Stimulating Lubricants

Foreplay is meant to bring feelings of arousal to physically and emotionally prepare the body for intercourse. Some women find it difficult to become aroused during foreplay. For these women, using arousal gels and stimulation lubricants during foreplay can be beneficial. These products use tingling or heat sensations to increase blood flow to a woman's genitals, making them more sensitive.

Desensitizing Gels

Men may have the opposite problem of women during foreplay. They may become too excited and climax prematurely. Desensitizing gels and lotions can help to reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation by slightly numbing the penis with a very mild anesthetic.

Adding to Your Technique

Teasing and stimulating one another during foreplay can involve many different acts, and not all people feel confident in their foreplay techniques. Special accessories are available to provide assistance and build confidence. You can find finger teasers and strokers for adding to stimulation with the hands. Oral accessories can make giving pleasure to your partner simpler and more exciting. Books and DVDs that provide tips and tricks can teach you new methods of pleasuring your partner and take foreplay to a whole new level.

Breaking the Ice for More Enjoyment

With the stress of daily life, many couples find it hard to transition from the day-to-day grind to lovemaking. Tension and fatigue can be barriers to intimacy, but there are foreplay accessories that you can use to break the ice and put you both in the mood for lovemaking. Sexual games and activities can make foreplay more fun and relaxing. These foreplay accessories are designed to provide you and your partner with new ideas and encourage you to experiment with one another. Games can make sexy surprises for your partner. They also make for fun, racy gifts for bachelorette parties and other occasions.

Solutions for Kinky Play

Acting out your fantasies can help to deepen your bond as a couple. There are many foreplay accessories available to bring fantasies to life. If you are curious about bondage scenarios, you can purchase restraints, ticklers, crops and other products to create scenes in the bedroom. You can also purchase blindfolds to experiment with sensory deprivation. Wedges and cushions can be used to help you try out new sexual positions or to make sex more comfortable. Toys designed specifically for use in the shower, bathtub, hot tub and pool are also available for setting the stage for new intimate experiences.