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Bariatric Lift Chairs at Walgreens

Many people with mobility issues find that their furniture options are limited because seats that are too cushioned or low to the ground make it impossible to stand up again. Lift chairs provide an excellent solution to this problem by using an electric mechanism to tilt you up into a standing position. Heavier individuals will find that bariatric lift chairs have higher weight limits and are built wider in order to accommodate larger and wider people.

Benefits of a Lift Chair

When you suffer from an injury or weakness in your back, hips, legs, or feet, standing up from a plush chair can be next to impossible without asking someone for help. Lift chairs can take the burden off of your muscles by assisting you with getting to your feet. Extremely versatile pieces of furniture, these mobility aids offer all the benefits of a typical recliner plus an added component that helps you stand up more easily.

How Does a Lift Chair Work?

Instead of featuring a manual mechanism to control the footrest and back cushion, these chairs are powered by electricity and controlled with the push of a button. In addition to leaning back, the electrical system can also tilt forward and upward to help you get into a standing position. Many lift chairs are also equipped with other features like heat or massage functionality, tray tables, and even removable mattresses that allow you to sleep in comfort on the reclined chair.

Choosing the Best Lift Chair

The first step when choosing a lift chair is deciding on your preferred reclining position. Based on how you plan to use the chair, these products are available in two-position, three-position, and infinite-position models. A two-position lift chair just reclines back about 45 degrees and won't allow you to sit with your legs all the way out like a standard recliner. Three-position chairs do recline like a typical recliner with a footrest, but these models don't lay flat. Finally, an infinite-position lift chair will recline all the way back to a flat position, which makes it a good option for sleeping. All three styles of chairs have the same mechanism allowing them to tilt up and help you stand. When deciding which lift chair is right for you, it's important to consider the amount of time that you intend to spend in the chair as well as whether or not you might ever want to sleep in it.

How Can a Bariatric Lift Chair Help You?

While standard lift chairs work well for a certain percentage of the population, they tend to have relatively low weight limits. A bariatric lift chair, on the other hand, is specifically designed to be extra sturdy and provide enough support to be used by heavier individuals. Most of the bariatric lift chairs available from Walgreens have maximum weights ranging from 300-375 pounds. Many of these chairs are also extra wide in order to support larger people.

You don't have to sacrifice the comfort of your chair just so that you don't get stuck. Bariatric lift chairs have a wide range of features, are optimized for comfort, and are built to accommodate almost anyone.

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