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Drug Tests at Walgreens

Drug tests are designed to check for various drugs in the bloodstream. At one time, these tests could only be performed in a doctor's office or healthcare facility. Now, drug tests are available for home use. In the past, you had to wait days or even a week or more to get the results. With home drug tests, you can often get the results within minutes.

Why Would You Want to Use Home Drug Testing?

Statistics show that teen use of some illegal drugs, particularly marijuana, has risen. You might suspect your teen or adolescent is using drugs but don't have proof. Using illegal drugs puts teens at risk in a number of ways. It can affect their judgment, reaction time and make it harder to control their impulses. In adolescents, the use of some drugs can affect brain development.

At home drug testing is a way to find out whether someone in your family has drugs in their system. By knowing, you're in a better position to offer assistance. Plus, home drug testing avoids the embarrassment of going to a public drug testing facility. Your teen may be more open to a home drug test than going outside the home for testing.

Home Drug Tests: What Options Are Available?

Home drug tests can detect a variety of drugs including cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, amphetamine, ecstasy, opiates and phencyclidine. Some also test for prescription medications like oxycodone, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, tricyclic antidepressants and methadone. The type of drugs a drug test will pick up varies with the type of test you choose. Always read the description carefully to see what each test covers. Each home testing kit comes with clear instructions on how to use it. Some require a urine sample while others may require a hair sample. With most tests, you get the results within minutes.

Also available are home drug tests that detect specific drugs like marijuana or cocaine, some of the most commonly abused drugs. One type of home drug test uses a hair sample to check for drug use. This type of test gives a better idea of how heavily a person has been using drugs. The hair sample is collected at home and sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis. Results are returned in a few days.

The Bottom Line

At home drug test kits are easy to use and you get results at home within minutes in most cases. Some home drug tests like those that use a hair sample have to be sent to a lab. Results are usually returned quickly. These tests are a way to find out whether a person you care about has drugs in their system. They aren't a replacement for substance abuse counseling. It's important to talk with a health care professional who can offer help.