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Water Flossers

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More information about Water Flossers

For many years, dental professionals have urged people to floss their teeth every day as part of a healthy dental care routine. Flossing your teeth helps remove food particles and white, sticky bacteria called plaque between your teeth, which ultimately helps prevent gum and tooth disease. Although it’s not a substitute for string flossing, adding a water flosser can be helpful for some people. Water flossers, also known as dental water jets or oral irrigators, have been around for many decades and have gained popularity as their technology has advanced. These handheld devices pulsate a stream of water to help remove plaque and food debris between your teeth and below your gum line. Walgreens has many different dental care devices and products, including water flossers, available in store and online for shipping directly to your home. Some products even feature a sonic toothbrush and water flosser in one unit.

How do water flossers compare to traditional flossing?

Water flossers are not recommended as a replacement for traditional flossing. Flossing your teeth with dental floss reaches crevices where plaque may remain. However, water flossers may help remove larger food particles and help with gum health when used in addition to string floss.

Can water flossers be used by people with braces or other dental work?

Yes, people with braces or other dental devices can use a water flosser to help remove particles in hard-to-reach areas of the teeth and mouth.

How often should I use a water flosser?

You should always use a water flosser as directed by your dental professional and according to package instructions. Some device instructions suggest using the flosser whenever you brush your teeth. Remember to change the water in the tank and keep the tank clean. Do not share the device with other people as you can spread germs and illnesses by sharing oral hygiene tools.

Do dentists recommend water flossers?

Dentists usually recommend flossing your teeth daily with traditional dental string. However, a water flosser can be a helpful addition to your dental care. Using a water flosser can also be better than no flossing at all.

Water flossers can be a helpful tool to add to your dental routine, especially if you have braces or other dental fittings. Water flossers may improve your gum health and help clean difficult-to-reach spots in your mouth. You can find water flossers and other dental cleansing devices in your local Walgreens store or online. If you need help choosing a device, ask your Walgreens pharmacist for assistance.