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Natural and Organic Hair Care at Walgreens

If you're striving to go green with your beauty and grooming regimen, a few small adjustments to your hair care routine can make a big impact. Walgreens can help you switch to natural and organic hair care products with a large selection of items available online and in stores. All of the products featured in this selection are natural or organic, so you can easily shop for everything that you need to care for your hair.

Defining Natural and Organic

The terms natural and organic are often used interchangeably, but the terms have different meanings when it comes to hair care. Natural products usually contain fewer synthetics like artificial fragrances and preservatives and more naturally derived ingredients like herbal extracts and plant oils. Organic products are natural formulas that have gained certification or a seal of acceptance from a third-party government agency or organization. Each group that certifies organic products sets up its own standards. However, most require that hair care products contain a minimum percentage of organically grown ingredients to qualify. You may prefer to use natural and organic personal care products if you need to avoid certain synthetic ingredients or simply want to incorporate more natural ingredients into your beauty routine.

Solutions for Cleansing

You can get your hair care routine off to a natural start with products for cleansing. Natural shampoos typically use plant-based surfactants to whisk away impurities. Many brands develop their formulas to suit the needs of certain hair types. For example, moisturizing natural shampoos add hydration to dry hair, while clarifying formulas address oily hair and product buildup. If you don’t like to wash your hair every day or you don’t have time, you can opt for a natural dry shampoo that absorbs impurities and doesn't require rinsing.

Natural Ways to Condition

Conditioning is an important step in any natural hair care regimen because it supplies hydration and nutrients that strands require to remain strong and manageable. Rinse-out daily conditioners are typically used immediately after natural shampoos on a regular basis, and natural hair care brands often produce conditioners to complement the actions of their shampoos. You can also find two-in-one formulas that cleanse and condition in a single step. For a quick blast of hydration, apply a natural leave-in conditioner that you work through wet or dry hair without rinsing. Natural deep conditioners and masks provide more intensive hydration and can be used as needed to address damage or dryness.

Styling Aids for Improving Hold and Manageability

To achieve the styling results you want, you can look for natural and organic versions of your favorite types of styling aids. Natural styling creams and serums can help minimize frizz, while gels, clays, putties, pomades and waxes increase control, so you can shape and sculpt your hair as you wish. These products also offer varying levels of hold to address the staying power of hairstyles. Mousses and volumizers help lift strands to give hair a fuller appearance. Once you have your hair styled as you desire, a natural hair spray can help secure the strands to preserve your style.