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Sunscreen for Body at Walgreens

Many people view sunburns as minor inconveniences without realizing the kind of harm that a burn can do to your skin. In reality, sun damage exponentially increases your risk of developing skin cancer. It's essential that you wear sunscreen on your body whenever you will be spending time exposed to the sun's UV rays. Walgreens has a wide range of products that can help keep your skin safe.

When Should You Use Sunscreen?

Anyone who is aged six months or older should use sunscreen every day that they plan to spend any amount of time outside. You may even need some level of sun protection indoors if you will be near windows. The need for sunscreen increases when you will be outside for extended periods of time, regardless of the weather. The sun's rays can still damage your skin even if it's cold or cloudy outside, so you shouldn't ever assume you are safe from UV radiation unless you are wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

What Does SPF Mean?

Choosing a level of sunscreen to use is supposed to be relatively easy, but misunderstandings about the meaning of SPF make it a little harder to figure out how much protection you need. SPF (which is short for "Sun Protection Factor") indicates how well a sunscreen does at preventing your skin from absorbing the sun's harmful UVB rays. It is not an indication of how well it protects against UVA rays. The system was originally used to indicate how long you could expect protection from a certain level of sunscreen, but experts today agree that no sunscreen can last longer than about two hours without reapplication.

All sunscreens should also be reapplied after spending time in the water and then drying off. A more accurate way to look at the meaning of SPF is by understanding how well each type filters out UVB rays. SPF 15 sunscreen filters out about 93 percent of radiation, while SPF 30 protects against 97 percent and SPF 50 protects against 98 percent.

Different Types of Sunscreen

Over the last decade, the number of different types of sunscreen on the market has multiplied. Today, you can decide whether you still prefer to use the type of lotion that has been around for years or if a different product suits you better. Continuous sunscreen sprays are particularly popular among people planning to go to the beach or swimming pool because they make it very easy to cover your entire body much more quickly than trying to rub in lotion. On the other side of the spectrum, people who know they are going to have relatively little skin exposed may prefer a stick sunscreen. These products can be rolled onto your skin-almost like deodorant or lip balm-and they allow you to ensure sun protection without needing to cover your hands in messy lotion.

New Sunscreen Formulas

Of course, even traditional sunscreen lotions have undergone several changes to make them more appealing. Many are formulated to be less greasy, and some also contain moisturizing ingredients so that they nurture your skin while they protect. It will be up to you to decide what type of sunscreen you prefer. Just remember that the best choice is the one that you are most likely to use every time you plan to spend time outside.

Protecting your skin from harmful sun damage is so easy with the number of different sunscreen products you can find. Browse the wide selection of sun care products available from Walgreens, and you can keep your skin healthy in the present and the future.