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Electric Shave for Women

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Electric Shavers for Women at Walgreens

Men aren't the only ones concerned about hair removal. Many women choose to remove hair from their legs, underarms, bikini lines and other areas of their body because they prefer smooth skin. If you're looking for a way to simplify hair removal, Walgreens can help you find the perfect solution. We carry a diverse assortment of electric shavers and epilators designed specifically with women's hair removal needs in mind. You can explore the entire product selection and then make a purchase online or find out where you can purchase a specific shaver or epilator at a local Walgreens store.

Shaving the Electric Way

Electric shavers simplify shaving, thanks to their automated performance. Shavers for women are either powered by batteries or plug into an electric outlet. Using their power sources, motors inside the electric shavers cause the heads of the devices to move on their own. Some produce rapid back-and-forth motion while others spin. With an electric shaver, it is typically not necessary to apply shaving cream or gel prior to use. The heads of electric razors also reduce the risk of nicks and cuts and lower the likelihood of razor burn.

Comparing Electric Razors

To choose the perfect electric razor for your needs, you can compare a number of features. Battery-operated razors are cordless, making them easy to maneuver. Rechargeable options eliminate worries about having to replace batteries and reduce waste. Some people prefer electric razors that plug into the wall, as they never require charging or battery changes. You can also consider the type of shaving each razor is designed for. Models may be intended for use on wet or dry skin or offer wet-dry functionality. With some electric shavers, you'll receive interchangeable heads that allow you to customize shaving for different areas of the body, such as the legs or bikini line.

Epilators for Long-Lasting Hair Removal

Electric shavers aren't the only tools available to make hair removal easier. If you're looking for hair removal results that will last longer, an epilator may be the ideal solution. Electric epilators run on batteries or electricity like shavers but do not use foils or blades to remove hair. Instead, epilators are equipped with a series of tweezer-like heads that pluck out hairs. Because epilators remove the root as well as the visible hair, it takes longer for new growth to become visible in the affected area.

Maintaining Your Hair Removal Tool

With many electric shavers and epilators, you'll need to perform periodic maintenance to keep your hair removal tool working like new. Electric shavers may require foil or blade replacements to continue to provide a clean, smooth shave. Some models also require periodic cleaning and oiling. Some epilators also have replaceable heads that must be changed periodically. You can read the directions that accompany your new shaver or epilator to find out if any maintenance is required. At Walgreens, you'll find replacement foils and blades for electric razors and replacement heads for epilators from a number of popular brands.