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Deodorant and Antiperspirant at Walgreens

Body odor can be an embarrassing problem that leaves you feeling less than fresh and self-conscious, but with Walgreens Deodorant & Antiperspirant Products, you can make sure you smell your best all day. With a wide selection of sticks, powders and sprays, you are sure to find plenty of options to combat odors and wetness at Walgreens in-store or online.

The Trouble with Sweat

When you become overheated, your body releases sweat from your pores as a natural response. As sweat evaporates, it cools the skin, helping to keep your body temperature from rising too sharply. Many people mistakenly believe that it's sweat that causes body odor, but that's not really the case. Sweat actually doesn't have much of a scent. However, dampness and heat attract bacteria. It's these microbes that have a foul smell and why sweat typically only has a foul odor in certain areas where bacteria are more likely to grow. Antiperspirant and deodorant products for men and women are designed for the underarms because the warmth and darkness of the area and the wetness of sweat make the area most prone to odors.

Deodorant for Fighting Odor

Deodorant and antiperspirant are sometimes used as interchangeable terms, but they are actually different types of body odor-fighting products. Deodorant is meant to deal with the actual smell that comes with sweating. Since bacteria are responsible for the odor, deodorant contains ingredients that fight bacteria. These include salts, mild acids and other types of materials that create an unfriendly environment for bacteria. Many deodorants have fragrances of their own that also improve the smell of the underarms.

Antiperspirant for Battling Wetness

An antiperspirant product is not meant to combat odor. Instead, antiperspirants help to control wetness and keep the skin dry. When applied to the underarms, an antiperspirant temporarily clogs up the pores, allowing less sweat to be released. This keeps you from developing wet marks on your shirts, sweaters or blouses. By decreasing the amount of wetness, antiperspirant also reduces the amount of bacteria that grow in the underarm area, which decreases the chances of body odors. Like deodorants, antiperspirant products are often scented.

Types of Deodorizing Products

Men and women have different body chemistries, and as a result, most deodorants and antiperspirants are made for men or for women. You'll find deodorants and antiperspirants available on the market as well as formulas that include both deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients, making them capable of fighting bacteria and wetness. There are many types of deodorants and antiperspirants, including sprays, roll-ons that are liquid based, clear gels and solids. You can also find body powders for absorbing moisture in other areas of the body and spray deodorants made for other parts. Many products come in multiple fragrances, allowing you to choose the one that is most pleasing to you.

Explore the Walgreens Deodorants and Antiperspirants department to find the best body odor protection for your needs.