Electric Shave for Women

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Electric Shave for Women at Walgreens

As a woman, you want to have smooth, silky skin from head to toe, making it important that you find a body hair removal solution that is right for you. Electric shavers are preferred by many women who want a fast, simple way of dealing with body hair on the legs, underarms and bikini area. Walgreens offers an array of electric shavers to help you simplify hair removal.

Why Electric?

Electric razors plug into the wall or contain batteries that cause their blades to move. As you run an electric razor over your skin, a guide lifts the hair. Then, the blades inside the razor slice the hair close to the skin, making it more difficult to see and feel. Because of their design, electric shavers pose less of an irritation risk than shaving with a traditional razor, and nicks and cuts are very unlikely. Shaving with an electric razor allows you to quickly eliminate unwanted body hair from larger areas like the legs and bikini area without any pain.

Shaver Design for Women

When it comes to hair removal, women have their own unique needs, and as a result electric razor manufacturers produce products especially for ladies. Typically, electric shavers for women have their razorblades positioned at a gentle angle and feature curved heads, so that they can move easily along curved surfaces like the underarms and the knees. Specialty shavers are available for the bikini area that feature narrower heads to allow for greater control when removing hair from this very sensitive area of the body.

Getting Best Results from a Shaver

While the top women's electric razors on the market are engineered to provide the best possible results, you can simplify shaving with the right technique. Always wash your skin with warm water immediately before using your electric razor, as this will soften the hair. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly and then shave in the opposite direction that the hair grows. On your legs, this means working from your ankles upwards, and for the underarms it means beginning at the bottom of the armpits and moving in upward strokes. When you're shaving a curved surface like your knee, try to straighten the area as much as possible and make small, precise passes with the razor to avoid missed spots.

Epilation: A Shaving Alternative

An epilator is another hand-held hair removal tool that women can use to deal with unwanted hair on the legs, underarms and bikini area as well as on the face in some cases. Epilators do not use blades to cut the hair. Instead, they contain wheels or tweezers that pull the hairs out by the roots as they move over their skin. Manual instead of battery-powered, epilators cause a pinching sensation as they remove the hair from the follicle. While epilation can be more uncomfortable than shaving, the results from this form of hair removal last longer. In most cases, you will only need to use an epilator once every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain results.