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Razors, Blades and Cartridges at Walgreens

If you prefer to shave to remove facial or body hair, it’s important to understand just how much your razor matters. By choosing a razor that’s easy for you to use and right for your skin, you can simplify shaving and reduce the risk of common problems like redness and irritation. Walgreens makes it simple to find the best razors for your grooming routine with a large assortment of shaving products that you can buy online and in stores. We also carry a selection of blades and cartridges for popular products, so you can easily maintain your razor over time.

Disposable Razors for Convenience

Disposable razors for men and women have a one-piece design with a blade-mounted head attached to a handle. With disposables, you use one razor until the blades become dull, then replace it with a fresh one. How long the razor lasts depends on a number of factors, including the thickness of your facial or body hair and how much you allow it to grow between shaves. Disposable razors typically come in multi-packs that provide several razors for one price. Disposable razors are economical and are a simple solution for shaving because they don't require any maintenance.

Options with Replaceable Heads

Cartridge razors for men and women have a two-piece design. Instead of throwing away the entire razor, you simply replace the head or cartridge. People may choose cartridge razors for a variety of reasons.

  • Some people prefer cartridge razors because they create less waste than disposables.
  • Many cartridge razors come with advanced features that people may find appealing. Cartridges often feature multiple blades to cut away more hair with a single pass. The heads are often flexible, allowing the razor to conform to the contours of the face and body. These razors may help minimize the risk of nicks and cuts.
  • For those with dry or sensitive skin, moisturizing cartridge razors that hydrate while they remove hair are often beneficial.
  • A small number of cartridge razors can even be used without water to make hair removal simpler at home and on the go.

Traditional Safety Razors

A safety razor has a one-piece design and uses replaceable blades. Most people find that it takes practice to use a safety razor correctly. Those who master the technique may prefer to use this traditional type of razor because it allows for precise control, particularly on curved areas and small patches of skin. Safety razors also greatly reduce waste.

Keeping Your Razor Maintained

Regularly replacing the blades or cartridges on your razor helps to ensure best results and reduces the risk of shaving irritation. If you notice that your skin is pulling while you shave or that your razor is missing spots, it's likely time for a replacement.

Those who shave daily typically need to replace cartridges or blades every week, but the right timing varies. Replacement cartridges and blades are sold in value packs of two or more. Make sure that you buy the one designed to fit your razor. You can use the menu at the left to filter by brand to quickly find the right ones.