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Scooter Accessories

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Scooter Accessories at Walgreens

When mobility is a challenge, a scooter can be a useful addition to your life. Suddenly, those once difficult to navigate areas become accessible, increasing your maneuverability around the house and around town. Make the most of your scooter by fitting it with appropriate accessories which can add storage and improve access to your home and beyond. Your scooter is already convenient, increasing your mobility and simplifying accessibility. You can enhance the convenience of your scooter with accessories designed to maximize its performance.

Types of Scooter Accessories

Walgreens offers a range of products that make your scooter a practical choice to improve your mobility. From smart storage solutions to ramps that help you get around, these scooter accessories can be quite useful.

When you are operating your scooter, you do not want to have a lap full of your personal items. Your handbag, wallet, shopping bags, and more need a convenient place to go when you are using the scooter. A variety of products can help you store your personal belongings as you operate your scooter, meaning they will not get in the way or become a concern as you are moving.

Your scooter might not have an obvious spot to store your personal belongings. Rather than awkwardly operating the scooter with these accessories getting in your way, you can purchase a sleek and practical walker bag. This spacious bag fits conveniently on the backrest, bar, or handles of your scooter, giving you several placement options. Choose the area that gives you the best access to your belongings. These spacious bags have plenty of room for you to store items. Open up the large main compartment, or slip those must-have items into the side pockets. These bags come in a variety of styles. You can choose a solid-colored variety in shades of red, pink, or black. Or, show your style by choosing a patterned bag, whether a leopard print or a floral pattern is your style.

While bags offer you a secure way to store your personal belongings, you might want an open basket for your scooter as well. This basket can attach to the back of your scooter, giving you the perfect spot to store your grocery bags and more. This easy-to-install basket fits most scooters, giving you instant storage.

To maximize your use of the scooter, you need to be able to navigate even potentially challenging areas with ease. For example, steps and thresholds can be difficult to maneuver on your scooter. Thanks to a variety of uniquely designed ramps, you can make these difficult areas more navigable.

At Walgreens, you can find ramps in dozens of sizes and styles. If entering your front or back door in your scooter is challenging, consider a threshold ramp that fits your doorway. These anti-slip ramps have a high traction surface, making them safe and effective. Other ramps are designed to cover steps, allowing you to maneuver through these otherwise difficult areas. You can even find ramps that allow you to place the scooter in and out of a vehicle. Many of these ramps fold or break down easily as well.

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