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Scrubs, Masks & Exfoliators

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Scrubs, Masks & Exfoliators at Walgreens

Revitalize your skin with Walgreens Facial Scrubs, Masks & Exfoliators. Whether you want to unclog your pores or remove dead skin, Walgreens offers a wide selection of facial scrubs and exfoliators to keep your complexion looking healthy. To rejuvenate tired looking skin, shrink enlarged pores or help combat acne, you can choose from an array of facial masks. Keep your skin looking great everyday with Walgreens Facial Scrubsm Masks & Exfoliators.

Solutions to Help You Achieve Clear Skin

Blackheads and whiteheads appear when bacteria, dead skin cells, and excess oil mix and block the openings of your pores. When the blockage happens deep within your pores, this could lead to pimples. Walgreens sells a selection of scrubs, masks, and exfoliators that can help clear your congested skin. Look for products that offer blemish control or a detoxifying effect. To fight clogged pores, scrubs and exfoliators contain tiny granules to gently polish away debris. A mask has a smoother consistency, and as it dries on your skin, its ingredients draw out impurities from your pores. With continued use, these products may reduce breakouts and visibly reduce the size of your pores. If you have active acne, avoid using scrubs as they can irritate the skin.

Go From Lackluster To Radiant

Does your skin look dull? It could be caused by many factors. Exposure to the elements can give the skin on both your face and body a rough texture and a leathery appearance. Air pollution can leave dirt and dust on your face, which can lead to skin congestion and dullness. Poor nutrition, smoking, lack of sleep, and emotional strain can contribute to stressed skin making it not as functional an organ as it should be. Specialized exfoliators and masks can help. Use the scrubs and exfoliators to buff away dry patches and remove impurities. Masks contain various ingredients to restore the glow to your complexion. Some are infused with vitamins and minerals that are known to lighten and protect skin. Others have conditioning ingredients to moisturize and plump tired skin. Or you can opt for a mask that is specially formulated to brighten the complexion and restore radiance.

Pamper Your Sensitive Skin

There are many products that will give you baby-soft and even-toned skin. If your skin is delicate, choose an exfoliator with smooth, round beads to avoid irritation. Look for products that feature natural ingredients to gently cleanse and soothe your complexion. Formulas with hydrating agents will lock in moisture and keep irritants from penetrating your skin. This means less redness and less inflammation. The product descriptions will indicate which products are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

Get an Anti-Aging Boost

As your skin ages, it loses its firmness and elasticity. The sun can accelerate this aging process, and it can also spur dark spots. Walgreens offers rejuvenating masks and scrubs to encourage repairing of your skin and address the signs of aging. These products are rich in antioxidants to combat free radicals and offer cellular support. Hydrating ingredients can minimize dryness and promote a healthy complexion. Purifying elements can minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, and brightening agents can diminish the appearance of age spots.