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Slippers at Walgreens

Slipping off your shoes at the end of a day can be a simple pleasure, but walking around barefoot or just in socks can lead to problems. Without shoes, your feet may get cold or you may find yourself slipping and sliding on hard floors in your home. Fortunately, you can address both problems with a pair of slippers. Walgreens makes it easy to shop for slippers online and in stores by offering a diverse assortment of options. We stock slippers for men and women in a range of styles and sizes, so you can find the best option for pampering your feet.

Classic Slippers for Men and Women

Conventional slippers are designed to wear instead of shoes when you're indoors. Slippers typically have a fabric or suede upper that is flexible for comfort. Inside, slippers often have plush lining that is soft and warm against the skin, allowing you to wear them comfortably. Like your everyday shoes, slippers usually have stiff soles with treads that create traction to reduce the risk of slipping when you walk.

Socks That Do Double Duty

Slipper socks are another type of footwear that you can slip on at home. These alternatives to conventional slippers are made entirely out of fabric and fit like everyday socks. Typically, slipper socks are crafted out of heavier material for added warmth. Instead of a stiff sole, slipper socks usually feature grippy dots or ribs that offer traction. Slipper socks are lighter and more flexible than slippers.

Slip-On Shoes for Home and Travel

Sometimes, you need more than a pair of slippers at home and when you're traveling. Slip-on sandals can provide a comfortable solution. These open-toed shoes can be worn outdoors and are popular for the beach and everyday wear in the summer months. Some sandals are made out of water-resistant materials, making them suitable for providing protection for your feet in locker rooms and public showers.

Finding the Right Size

As you shop for slippers, it's important to keep size in mind. Slippers that are too small can crowd your feet, leading to discomfort. On the other hand, oversize slippers will be too loose and could pose a tripping hazard. Some slippers are designed to fit a range of shoe sizes, while others accommodate just one shoe size. Typically, manufacturers use different sizing systems for men and for women. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the sizing for the various slippers, slipper socks and sandals available in our selection.

Other Things to Consider

Once you have focused on the type of slippers that you prefer and found the products offered in your size, you can compare other aspects of their designs. Even if you'll only be wearing your slippers at home, you'll want to choose a pair that appeals to your sense of style. Also, pay attention to the care instructions. Some slippers are safe to launder in the washing machine, while others must be hand washed or only spot cleaned.