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Shop by Condition for Oral Care Products at Walgreens

If you're suffering from the symptoms of a dental or oral problem, you may require more in your daily dental care regimen than a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. A number of products are available to alleviate symptoms of various dental care problems and to promote good oral health. Walgreens has a wide selection of products you can shop for "by condition" using the menu on the left.

Solutions for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common dental problem that can be caused by anything from the use of prescription medications to aging to smoking to certain medical concerns. In addition to causing discomfort, dry mouth can put your teeth and gums at risk, as saliva is needed to help fight tooth decay and microbes in the mouth. There are a number of interventions to help alleviate symptoms of dry mouth, including mouth sprays, lozenges and melt away mints. These products can be used on their own or with other interventions to manage symptoms of dry mouth.

Dealing with Halitosis

Bad breath or halitosis is an embarrassing problem that can occur occasionally due to the foods you eat or chronically due to poor oral hygiene, infections, tobacco use, dry mouth and health care problems. If you suffer from bad breath, there are solutions to help freshen your breath and make your mouth feel cleaner beyond the traditional chewing gum, breath mint and mouthwash solutions on the market. Breath sprays, tongue cleaners and other specialty products can help you minimize your symptoms and restore your self-confidence.

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the nerves beneath the dental enamel become exposed due to cracks in the teeth or erosion of the enamel. To alleviate symptoms of sensitivity, you must take steps to calm the nerves. This can be done with toothpastes for sensitive teeth as well as with special desensitizer products, which are used on their own or added to toothpaste. Be sure to speak with your dentist about your sensitivity and ask which product is suitable for you.

Mouth Pain Relief

Toothaches can occur for a number of reasons, including cavities, infections in the teeth, injuries, sinus infections and ear infections. Once you have had the cause of your tooth pain diagnosed, you may still have lingering pain until the underlying problem is fully resolved. Products that numb the teeth temporarily can be used to reduce pain in the teeth and gums with your dentist's approval. These formulas can also be utilized to alleviate discomfort from canker sores in the mouth.

Emergency Dental Care Products

If you have cracked or damaged a tooth or lost a filling, getting prompt attention from a dentist is important, but if you cannot see a dentist immediately, you can rely on emergency dental care products to help stabilize your condition until a dentist can attend to your concern. You can keep emergency dental care products like filling repair kits on hand in case disaster strikes and you find yourself in need of a temporary solution.

Before using any type of oral care product to deal with symptoms of a dental or oral problem, it's important that you talk to your doctor or dentist. Many problems can have serious underlying causes that require the treatment of a medical or dental professional. In the case of a toothache or a dental emergency situation, personal care products are only meant to be used to keep you comfortable until you can be seen by a dentist.