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Shower Seats

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Shower Seats at Walgreens

Shower seats are devices that provide support for people with limited mobility or certain physical limitations during showers and baths. These devices can help make time in the bathroom safer and more comfortable. Shower and bath seats are available in different forms depending on a person’s needs, including stools, chairs with back support, and chairs with full back and arm-rest support. These varieties can be purchased at Walgreens in-stores or online. If you or a loved one is experiencing limited mobility, a healthcare provider can give you information about safe showering and bathing, and a Walgreens pharmacist can help you decide which option may be best for you.

The importance of bathroom safety

A person’s physical abilities may change as they get older, or as the result of a medical condition or injury. When this happens, certain adaptations may be necessary to take baths and showers safely, such as installing shower bars and railings, or using stools and seats that allow a person to sit down while bathing or help them transition securely to and from the bath. Because bathrooms can be the cause of many falls and injuries, using a shower stool or shower seat can help keep the bathroom environment safe and comfortable.

Can you put shower seats in a bath?

Many varieties of shower seats can be used in either the bath or the shower. Different sizes and shapes are available depending on personal needs, and many of these devices are adjustable and can be assembled easily without the use of tools. A healthcare provider or occupational therapist can provide more information on the best choice for you or a loved one based on the size and layout of your bathroom. Pharmacists are available in stores if you’re having trouble choosing between the options. The wide variety of shower seats available at Walgreens can help make the bathroom safe for everyone.