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Slippers at Walgreens

Stay comfortable and fashionable with Walgreens Slippers. Whether you want to stay home in your pajamas or go out on the town, you can find a number of slipper styles to please your needs and stay comfortable at the same time. Explore your options, and discover the right pair of slippers for you at Walgreens online or in-store.


When you think of slippers, you might instinctively imagine a pair of fuzzy slippers that you wear around the house. The slippers available at Walgreens go beyond your traditional slipper. Instead of just serving as a house shoe, Walgreens slippers deliver a spa-like experience to your home. Whether your toes are cold due to the chilly outside air or your feet are aching after a long day, these slippers provide some nurturing warmth and comfort after a long day.

Walgreens slippers deliver ultimate warmth to your feet because they heat up. Each slipper comes with a removable grain insert, which you can microwave in 30-second intervals until it is as warm as you desire. Then, return the insert to the slipper to heat up your toes. On the other hand, achy feet might benefit from cold therapy. If cold is your preference, place the insert in a sealed plastic bag and then into the freezer for at least six hours before returning it to the slipper. Enjoy the soothing comfort of a little bit of cold. Cold therapy is ideal on hot days when you want to reduce swelling of the feet. Heat can help address aches and pains caused by everything from too much exercise to a seriously uncomfortable pair of shoes.

Walgreens slippers are also aromatic, featuring the scents of peppermint and lavender. These aromas help you relax as well. You can find these slippers in two distinct styles. Spa slippers that look like frogs and lambs are available, adding a little bit of fun to your relaxation routine. Even more, you can extend the life of your Walgreens slippers by removing the insert and tossing the slippers in the washer and dryer.


Walgreens slippers come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find one for your feet. Rather than the traditional shoe sizing, Walgreens slippers come in small, medium, and large, with each size targeting different shoe sizes. For example, the size small/medium fits women whose shoe size is 8 or smaller and men whose shoe size is 8 or smaller.


Slippers - whether they're scented and heated or your more basic variety - provide ultimate comfort and relief for your feet. You want to slip off your shoes when you get home, so why not slip on a pair of comfortable house shoes? Walgreens has your comfort in mind with its line of slippers. So, evaluate the products, consider your comfort needs, and choose the right pair for you. You will enjoy an extra bit of comfort every time to slip out of your everyday shoes and into your slippers.