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Socks at Walgreens

Whether you're hitting the gym or dressing for work, you can find the perfect style of comfort for your feet with Walgreens Socks. Most frequently sold according to shoe size, socks are available in a wide selection of styles at Walgreens that address personal preferences when it comes to what people wear on their feet. You can choose socks based on your preferred funtion (athletic, casual, or dress), as well as the cut (ankle, low, crew or knee). Make sure you find the greatest level of comfort and satisfaction for your feet at Walgreens.

Basic Sock Facts

Socks are sold in many different colors, sizes, and styles. However, quite often, you will discover that they offer many of the same features, depending on the particular style that you select. In general, with full sock styles you will find reinforced toes and heels for durability, stay-up tops for convenience and comfort, and breathable materials to prevent moisture buildup and odors. While a few styles might be considered unisex in design, most socks are manufactured specifically for boys, girls, men or women.

No Show Socks

No show socks are the ideal solution when you want to wear something on your feet without anyone knowing. They are cut low enough that the socks do not rise above the sides of your shoes.

Crew Socks - Cushioned, Mini and Athletic

Crew socks, which are also commonly called anklets, ankle socks, or quarter crews, rise above the ankle. They offer protection against cooler air, particularly if your slacks do not reach to the tops of your shoes. They can also protect your ankles against minor damage such as scrapes and scuffing of the skin. Crew socks have just enough material to allow you to fold them over once at their tops if you prefer to shorten them. Mini crew socks are slightly shorter than their full length counterparts. Their tops rise above your shoes, but generally end at the ankle.

Crew or ankle cushion socks provide thicker soles in order to deliver an added level of coziness by helping to alleviate fatigue and/or stress in the feet. Cushioned socks are generally designed to provide greater comfort for the feet, particularly when walking, running, biking, or playing sports.

Natural Fibers Help Prevent Sweating and Foot Odor

Wearing socks manufactured with natural fibers helps to prevent foot odor by limiting how much your feet perspire. Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe, which minimizes sweating and odor. Athletic socks often use moisture-wicking materials for this reason. Walgreens usually sells a variety of athletic socks, including athletic low cut socks, athletic no show socks, and athletic crew socks.

Synthetic Tights and Trouser Socks Help Prevent Nail Fungus

Tights fit closely to the legs and offer full coverage up to the mid-section of the torso. They are also referred to as leggings, which are often footless in design. Microfiber tights and nylon trouser socks can help to wick moisture away from the skin due to the synthetic materials used to make them. This type of footwear can help to prevent nail fungus. Micro-texture crew or anklet socks can also help in preventing nail fungus from developing by wicking perspiration away from the skin.