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Spa Accessories

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Spa Accessories at Walgreens

Spas create the perfect environment for relaxation and a trip to the spa allows you to benefit from treatments for the face and body in a setting that feels far removed from the rest of the world. After your visit, you feel relaxed and refreshed, and that feeling may last as you move through your day. While you likely can't visit the spa every day to pamper yourself, you can recreate that rejuvenating experience at home with help from Walgreens spa accessories.

In addition to using soft lighting and playing music or sounds from the natural world, spas fill the air with relaxing, pleasing scents. Fragrances are often chosen using the principles of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a natural healing tradition that uses scent to promote health and well-being. Normally, concentrated extracts from plants called essential oils provide the fragrances for aromatherapy. Aromatherapists believe essential oils create a particular mood and offer many benefits, and each oil has its own unique scent.

Enjoying Aromatherapy at Home

Walgreens can help you find spa accessories that transform your space into a tranquil retreat and allow you to perform some popular spa services yourself. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the essential oils in this selection. If you're unsure which ones to choose, seek the advice of an experienced aromatherapist or your healthcare provider. You can shop online to find spa accessories and essential oils that are in stock at your local Walgreens store, which are available for pickup and ready to ship to your door, making it easier than ever to bring the spa experience to your home.

Using Essential Oils and Diffusers at Home

There are many ways that you can incorporate essential oils into your at-home spa experience. Diffusers provide a convenient, simple solution. A diffuser is a device that turns oil into a fine mist that is then released continuously into the air. Some diffusers are controlled by timers, allowing you to turn them on before you sink into the tub or apply a facial mask and enjoy the fragrance for a set period of time until they turn off automatically.

As an alternative to a diffuser, you can add essential oils to bathwater before a soak to surround yourself with scent. You can also turn essential oils into a luxurious massage oil by blending them with a carrier like coconut or jojoba oil. Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated. Avoid applying them directly to your skin without first diluting them with a carrier oil or water.

Pampering Your Hands & Feet

Your hands and feet go through a lot on a daily basis. Spa accessories make it possible to show them special care and attention. Foot baths allow you to soak your feet to soothe aching and tension. Typically, these products produce vibrations or a whirlpool effect to stimulate your senses. Some also have heating elements to keep the water warm throughout your at-home spa session. For your hands, you can try a paraffin bath. This electric or battery-operated machine liquefies wax with a heating element. The warmth of the bath stimulates circulation, while the wax itself promotes softer, smoother skin.