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Stool & Table Accessories at Walgreens

Massage has the power to alleviate tension in the muscles and ease stress to benefit the body, mind and spirit. Whether you're a professional massage therapist or a caregiver who wants to perform massages at home, you need the right tools and setting to effectively provide the benefits of massage to others. Walgreens can help you purchase the furniture and accessories that you need to administer massages on the go, in a clinic or spa or at home. We carry a diverse assortment of massage tools and massage table accessories, giving you the ability to shop for the items you need online and in our stores.

Ensuring Your Comfort During Treatments

Even with ample training and practice, it can be difficult to perform massages well when you're uncomfortable or unable to easily reach your client or loved one. Massage stools can help to ensure your comfort, so that you can focus on your massage techniques. Most massage stools have a round seat mounted on a pole attached to a star-shaped base. The base is equipped with wheels, making it possible to roll the stool up to and along the massage table. Height-adjustable models give you the ability to raise and lower the seat height as needed to reach your loved one or client. Amply cushioned seats provide padding for comfort when you're seated for long periods of time during treatments. When shopping for massage stools, it's important to pay attention to the height and weight recommendations and select an option that is right for your needs.

Keeping Warm

People may not be able to fully relax or unwind if they are uncomfortable during treatments. A cold table can cause a distraction and leave people feeling chilly and distracted while undergoing massages. You can address this problem with a massage table warmer. Warmers are cushioned fabric covers that fit over the top of the massage table. A battery-operated or electric controller is attached, giving you the ability to turn warming cables situated inside of the cushion on and off. Some massage warmers feature automatic shut-off capability and will turn off automatically after a set number of hours to ensure safety. Machine-washable pads can be easily laundered.

Other Accessories for Treatments

There are a number of other accessories available to enhance the massage experience. Massage table sheets provide privacy and feel soft against the skin to increase comfort. Massage sheets are often sold in sets with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a face cushion cover. It’s important to change sheets after each client, so you may need multiple sets.

If you're a traveling massage therapist, a massage table carrying case can make it easier to transport your table. These cases are typically outfitted with wheels that allow you to roll your table along with you as you walk. Carrying cases also help keep massage tables free of dirt and dust and can reduce the risk of damage due to transport.