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Stool and Table Accessories at Walgreens

Your table isn't the only important piece of equipment that you will need for your practice as a massage therapist. Most practitioners find that they also rely on a number of stool and table accessories in order to create the best experience for clients and to maintain their own safety. Walgreens has a wide assortment of these products to help you grow your business and ensure a long career.

Make Clients More Comfortable

Some of the most important accessories you can rely on as a massage therapist are simply intended to make your clients more comfortable and improve their experience on the table. Decide if your technique might be complemented with a tool that heats the table in order to help warm muscles and promote relaxation. You might also want to choose a table liner that's made of a comfortable material like fleece or flannel. It's especially important to choose a soft covering for your face cradle pillow. Your clients will be spending a lot of time facedown, and you don't want them to feel uncomfortable while in the prone position.

Use Accessories for Your Safety

It's easy to get hurt as a massage therapist, and an injury could be devastating to your business. You have to remember that your body is the most important tool of your trade, so you need to do everything you can to keep it healthy. One of the most common ways that massage professionals get hurt is by hauling their heavy massage tables around. Rather than struggling to get a safe grip on such an awkward piece of equipment, you might want to opt for a carrying case. You can choose a case that helps evenly distribute the weight of your table across your shoulders or buy one with wheels so that you don't need to carry the table at all.

Practice Good Body Mechanics and Ergonomics

Maintaining proper ergonomics while you give massages is the most important step therapists can take to avoid injury. Make sure your table is at the proper height for you to keep good posture while you massage. Many therapists even decide to get a massage stool to help take some of the pressure off their body as they do their work. Your hands are perhaps the most at-risk parts of your body when you give massages for a living. As you target certain muscles, you can put up to 100 pounds of pressure on some of your body's most delicate parts. To prevent injury, make sure that you use the tricks you were taught in massage school to keep your hands and wrists in the least dangerous positions, and use your whole body to support your effort rather than putting too much pressure on your fingers.

Making clients happy and protecting your body against injury are two of the most important elements to having a long and thriving career as a massage practitioner. Browse the selection of stool and table accessories available from Walgreens, and you will find all the massage and relaxation tools you need.