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Tan Enhancers and Bronzers at Walgreens

When you visit or live in a warm climate, it's only natural to want your skin to have a little color. In reality, however, few people can achieve the perfect tan naturally without a little assistance. Walgreens has a wide selection of tan enhancers and bronzers that can make your skin look sun-kissed and healthy. Find the product that best suits your skin today.

Tinted Sunscreens and Tanning Lotions

When spending time on the beach or by the pool, many people like to take the opportunity to get a tan. Of course, even if you haven't gotten tan yet, you probably still want to look as good as possible. For this reason, many sunscreens and self-tanning products include some level of tint or built-in bronzer so that you appear tanner than you are naturally. Other products rely on ingredients like grape seed or coconut oil, which can help condition your skin and give it a healthy glow. By enhancing the look of your tan while still protecting your skin with a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, you can achieve all the benefits of tanning without the risks.

How Do Tan Accelerators Work?

The science behind tan accelerators begins with melanin-the protein in your skin responsible for a darker tint. When exposed to the sun, your skin produces melanin to naturally protect itself from UV rays. Unfortunately, if sun exposure outpaces melanin production, your skin will burn. Tanning accelerators work by increasing the speed at which your body produces melanin, which enables you to get darker skin while spending less time exposed to the sun.

Common Ingredients

The most common ingredients in these products are psoralen (an amino acid extracted from citrus oil) and tyrosine (another common amino acid). These tan promoters stimulate your skin to produce more melanin naturally, which leads to a darker tan. For the best protection, you should still use these products in combination with sunscreen. You won't get tan quite as quickly, but it will decrease your chances of getting burned and lower your long-term risk of skin damage.

Tips for Choosing and Applying Bronzer

Picking a bronzer can be a little difficult because you want to make yourself appear as tan as possible while still maintaining a natural look. Most makeup artists recommend that you choose a bronzer about two shades darker than your natural skin tone. You should also switch to a slightly darker foundation so that the contrast between your base and your bronzer isn't too stark. Bronzers can be applied with either a dedicated bronzer brush or a regular blush brush. In order to achieve a natural look, you should apply your bronzer by forming the number "3" on each side of your face. Dust the product along the top of your forehead, sweep it across your cheeks, and then use it to accent your entire jawline down to your chin. You will also want to blend some bronzer into the front of your neck and may even want to apply some to the back of your neck if your hair is going to be up.

If your tan isn't naturally turning out how you want it, you don't need to fret. Browse the selection of tan enhancers and bronzers available from Walgreens, and you'll find all the sun care products you need to look great this summer.