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Teeth Whitening at Walgreens

Almost everyone would be happy to have a whiter smile. Several factors can lead to teeth becoming discolored over time, but modern technology has devised new ways to remove stains and restore whiteness. Walgreens has a wide selection of whitening products that can make your teeth look better than ever. Effective and easy to use, they'll brighten your smile and help boost your self-confidence.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Any number of factors can be responsible for your teeth changing colors over time. Certain drinks, such as coffee, tea, cola, and wine, can all pass their colors onto teeth when consumed regularly. Other highly acidic foods and drinks may dissolve some of the enamel on your teeth and reveal the yellowish layer of dentin underneath. Tobacco use is another major contributor to discoloration-especially when chewed. A few less common causes of yellowing include side effects from certain medications, excessive fluoride in water sources, and diseases that attack enamel. Any of these factors are made worse when combined with poor oral hygiene.

How Whitening Products Work

The number one ingredient in almost every commercially-available whitening product is hydrogen peroxide. A bleaching agent that is safe to use inside your mouth, hydrogen peroxide forms bubbles that are able to lift the stains out of your enamel and leave your teeth looking whiter. The main distinction between the different types of whitening products is the way in which the hydrogen peroxide is delivered. Popular methods include toothpastes, mouthwashes, whitening strips, and trays used with whitening gels.

Popular Methods of Whitening

Some people opt for professional whitening treatments but now there are over-the-counter products that are highly effective. Whitening toothpastes and whitening mouthwashes are the easiest products to fit into your daily routine. Used like any other toothpaste or rinse, these products have hydrogen peroxide among their ingredients, and the agent is designed to remain on your teeth even after you are done with your oral care routine so that it targets stains throughout the day.

Slightly less convenient but much more effective are the "barrier methods" of whitening-which include whitening strips and trays. These products are applied to your teeth and allowed to sit there for about 30 minutes a day depending on the product. They provide constant contact between your teeth and the peroxide, which makes them the most powerful at-home whitening tools. Trays in the shape of the average mouth are filled with gel that has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. You then place it in your mouth and bite down for the recommended amount of time. Whitening strips, on the other hand, already have the hydrogen peroxide agent applied, so all you have to do is adhere the strip to your teeth and leave it in place for the stated amount of time. Strips and trays usually both take about two weeks to show results, but some products have especially high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and work more quickly.

It's common to feel a little extra sensitive after using whitening products. The molecules that are responsible for bleaching can occasionally get trapped within your nerve passageways and increase sensitivity. Effects are usually temporary and should wear off within a few hours or days.

No matter what whitening method you prefer, you will soon be on your way to a brighter smile. Browse the selection of oral care products available from Walgreens and choose the one that seems best for you. But be sure to see your dentist regularly.