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Toilet Accessories

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Toilet Accessories at Walgreens

Toileting is a daily living task that we don't often think about. We don't realize the importance until we or someone that we care about suddenly has difficulty and needs help. Injuries and medical conditions that result in limited mobility can make toileting difficult and even a potential safety risk. Fortunately, there are a number of toilet accessories available for enhancing bathroom safety and making use of the facilities easier. Walgreens has many toilet accessory options available at affordable prices.

Benefits of Grab Bars, Toilet Seats, Cushions and Other Toilet Accessories

Falls are the number one cause of injury among adults over the age of 65. People with limited mobility are especially susceptible to falling in the bathroom. Pain and stiffness can make it difficult to bend to sit down on the seat of a toilet, and problems with balance can also make transferring difficult. Installing safety rails around the toilet can help to reduce the risk of falls by providing a stable support for the body. In addition to wall mounted grab bars, you can find toilet accessory grab bars that simply fit around the toilet or attach to the toilet seat, making them very easy to install.

Toilet seat lifts are another type of toilet accessory designed to reduce the likelihood of falls in the bathroom. Sometimes called raised toilet seats or toilet seat risers, these products bring the toilet seat closer to the user, so that he or she does not have to bend as far to sit down and use the facilities. Some raised seats replace the toilet seat that is already on the toilet, while others are installed beneath the existing toilet seat. Lifts and grab bars are often used together, and some raised toilet seats even have grab bars mounted on their sides.

For many people, sitting down on a hard toilet seat makes using the facilities uncomfortable and even painful. Padded and cushioned toilet seats help to alleviate this discomfort by offering a softer sitting surface to support the buttocks. Cushioned seats are available in standard thickness as well as in extra thick styles to double as toilet seat risers. A cushioned seat can be useful for individuals with tailbone pain, hemorrhoids and many other conditions.

There are many other challenges that ill or injured people and their caregivers may encounter in the bathroom. The manufacturers of home health care aids offer other types of accessories to help address these problems. Individuals who have a difficult time wiping after using the facilities can purchase special aids that hold toilet paper and make it possible to practice good hygiene without having to bend, twist or strain. Female urinals can be used by women who have a difficult time sitting down on the toilet seat even with the assistance of grab bars and raised toilet seats. If you're unsure whether or not adding toilet accessories to the bathroom is the right choice for you or for the person for whom you are caring, talk to your doctor. He or she can provide you with advice and let you know if another type of toileting solution, such as a commode with liners, is a better option.

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