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Toothbrush Covers and Sanitizers at Walgreens

Since you put your toothbrush into your mouth twice every day, it's important to keep it free of germs. This task becomes much harder when you travel as well as when you have kids who aren't too careful with their toothbrushes. Luckily, Walgreens has a wide assortment of tools to keep your toothbrush free of contamination. Browse the selection of toothbrush covers and sanitizers to find the product you need.

Protect Your Toothbrush from Contamination

Traveling with your toothbrush can expose it to a wide range of germs-especially if it's just thrown in among the other items in your suitcase. Protecting your toothbrush is actually very simple if you use one of the covers available from Walgreens. These plastic shields fit over the head of your toothbrush and help keep it free of dirt and germs. They are also ventilated so that your toothbrush is able to dry while it is protected. You can choose to use these covers only when you're on the road, or you can even make them part of your home routine so that your toothbrush doesn't get contaminated when you lay it on the bathroom counter. Reusable covers need to be washed at least weekly to keep them free of germs so you may prefer to buy disposable options that are designed to be thrown out each week.

Another way to protect bristles from germs is to opt for a toothbrush that is designed so that it can't be laid flat. These toothbrushes have weights in the bottom which make them stand up vertically at all times. Perfect for kids who won't take the time out to use a toothbrush cover, they help to eliminate the chance of accidentally picking up germs from bathroom surfaces like a dirty countertop.

Get Rid of Germs

Since your toothbrush is, in essence, a cleaning product, it will be covered in plaque and germs after each use. Some of these microorganisms die over time, but others are reintroduced into your mouth every time you brush. To fight these germs, toothbrush sanitizers use a germicidal UV light to get rid of viruses and bacteria in just a few minutes. They can easily be stored on your countertop, and most products are compatible with almost any type of electric or manual toothbrush. In order to be approved by the FDA, sanitizers must effectively kill 99.9 percent of common germs, so you know that the sanitizer products you can find from Walgreens are going to protect your mouth.

Replace When Necessary

While toothbrush covers and sanitizers are effective at stopping germs from growing, it's still important for you to replace your toothbrush every few months. Over time, the integrity of the bristles will start to diminish, which can limit how well they are able to target plaque. You should also always sanitize or throw out your toothbrush after recovering from a bacterial infection such as strep throat because the germs that remain in the bristles can potentially get you sick again once you've stopped taking antibiotics.

Proper hygiene with your toothbrush can help keep you healthy-especially during cold and flu season. Choose one of the toothbrush covers or sanitizers from the Walgreens oral care section and you can help keep your mouth free from many invading and pesky germs.