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Toys at Walgreens

Play time isn't just fun for children. Through play, kids develop social skills, early learning skills and the abilities to problem solve and think creatively. The right toys can help your children develop while keeping them entertained, and you can find fun things to fill the toy box here at Walgreens. Our assortment of toys includes products that appeal to boys and girls of all ages. No matter what your child's age or interests, you're sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion in our product selection available online and at your neighborhood Walgreens location.

Inspiring Imaginative Play

Toys can inspire imagination, giving children the chance to role play, innovate and create. Action figures and play sets, plush toys, dolls, costumes and dress-up essentials are all great choices for encouraging imaginative play. Arts and crafts sets provide the necessary supplies to complete a specific project or to give kids the freedom to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Educational Toys

With toys, children can develop skills that will benefit them throughout life. Educational toys and some electronic games introduce concepts like numbers, letters, colors and shapes to prepare children for success in school. Puzzles and building sets allow children to work on problem solving skills in a fun way, while cards and games help children learn to take turns as well as lose and win gracefully. Books can foster a lifelong love for reading and can be included in a bedtime ritual.

Encouraging Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a great way to help kids get regular exercise that promotes health and well-being. Water toys, balls, sand sets, sports equipment and other items in our selection of outdoor toys can keep your child entertained outdoors for hours. Ride-on vehicles are another fun activity for outdoor use. These include self-propelled vehicles powered by the feet as well as battery-operated toys.

Selecting the Right Toys for Your Child

The product descriptions for the items will tell you more about the toys in our selection. You can use the information to compare products and select the best options for your child. As you read the descriptions, take note of the recommended age range. Some toys may contain small parts that are unsafe for small children. Others are designed specifically for babies, toddlers and kids at certain developmental stages.