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Trimmers and Scissors at Walgreens

While shaving is a quick and easy way to rid yourself of many types of unwanted hair, there are certain areas that require more specialized tools. Walgreens has a wide variety of trimmers and scissors well-suited for both genders. Using these products, men can keep their beards looking tidy and their ear and nose hair under control while women are able to eradicate unwanted facial hair.

Trimmer Basics

The mechanics behind both men's and women's trimmers are very similar. These battery-powered tools contain blades that either rotate or oscillate to remove your unwanted hair. The blades are covered by a perforated shield that ensures the hair is cut without exposing your skin to any danger. Trimmers can typically be used dry and don't require shaving cream or any other sort of lubricant. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your trimmer should be reusable for a long time before the blades or entire unit need to be replaced.

Trimmers for Men

There are two basic types of trimmers for men. Mustache and beard trimmers allow you to trim and shape your facial hair without actually shaving it all the way off. The blades are protected by a shield that trims your facial hair to a certain length while still leaving the portion closest to your face intact. You can adjust your trimmer to different lengths, which allows you to keep a full beard or opt for just a little stubble. Most trimmers also come with a set of tools that will allow you to shape different styles like a goatee or a manicured mustache. Alternatively, you can choose to trim your facial hair using one of the sets of beard and mustache scissors available from Walgreens. These tools work best on longer facial hair that only requires a little shaping, but some people prefer them to trimmers because they like how much control you have over each individual hair.

Many men will also use ear and/or nose hair trimmers to get rid of the pesky hairs that stick out of these places. The heads on these tools come to a fine tip, which actually allows you to insert them into your nostrils or ears. A protective shield covers their small blades, so you can target the hairs without needing to worry about your skin getting cut. They provide a pain-free way to eliminate hairs in these sensitive areas, which often hurt when tweezed or pulled.

Trimmers for Women

Women's facial hair trimmers are designed to eliminate the stray hairs that may pop up along your cheeks, chin, or upper lip. Since most women have only a few fine hairs, these tools tend to work better than trying to shave them with a men's electric razor. Most products are equipped with a pivoting head and a skin guard, so they guarantee a close shave without pulling on the hairs or irritating your face. Many facial hair trimmers for women also include tools to shape your eyebrows.

No matter what your styling needs, you can find great shaving and grooming products at Walgreens. Browse through the different options and choose the one that fits you best.