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Underwear at Walgreens

Walgreens makes it easy to shop for underwear, with a great selection that features the fit, style, and value you want. You will find men's boxers with waistbands that hold up wash after wash, and men's briefs that provide soft and stretchable support. Our women's underwear hugs your curves without riding up or revealing panty lines. Walgreens offers discreet protection products, too. Whether you prefer boxers or briefs, you'll find what you need here at Walgreens.

For Men, Comfortable Boxers and Briefs

Look for the following features when you're shopping for men's underwear. The waistband should be both flexible and durable. That way, it won't chafe your skin, or stretch out after repeated washings. Fit is important, too. If you like the loose feel of boxers, choose a cut that is generous and a fly that won't gap. Because briefs are formfitting, there are different considerations. The briefs should move with you, without riding up on your legs as you walk or sit. Men's underwear fabric, for boxers and briefs, should be comfortable and breathable. A variety of colors and patterns are available here at Walgreens, so you can wear them for work or for play. Some styles have pre-shrunk cotton, so you'll enjoy the same fit well after the first wearing. And if tags annoy you, there are tag-free options at Walgreens, too.

For Women, the Fit and Style You Want

For your everyday underwear needs, shop at Walgreens. Here you'll see an assortment of bikinis, briefs, hi-cuts, and hipsters that are designed for today's women. The waistbands and leg bands stay in place and are comfortable on your skin. Plus, many are seamless so they won't show through your clothes. That means you don't have to give a second thought to panty lines, whether you're conducting business, working out, or having fun after hours. Here at Walgreens, we stock many fabric choices. There is preshrunk cotton that offers a superb fit every time you wear the panties, or cotton stretch fabric that won't slip to keep you wedgie-free. You'll also see a selection of trendy colors and prints for when you're in a flirty mood. And because many women don't like the feel of tags, Walgreens sells tag-free panties, too. No matter what your underwear needs, you'll find panties here that flatter and fit.

When You Want to Shape Your Silhouette

If you're in search of an undergarment that will help give you a sleeker figure, shop the selection of Walgreen's shapewear. It provides compression on your tummy, hips, and thighs, and then enhances your rear with butt-boosting support. The leg openings sit flat on your thighs and won't cause bulging. The shapewear can be worn under formal and casual clothing.

Protective Garments for When You Need Them

If you have an overactive bladder, Walgreens has protective products that are just like underwear. They contain an ultra-absorbent thin pad that provides complete wetness and odor control. The fit is light and comfortable, and you'll like how easy it is to pull the garment on and off.